Thursday, August 7, 2008

Snow White and the Four Dwarves

I know, I know... you're wondering, why not seven?

Well, have you tried living with just FOUR men in the house? Seven? I think NOT!!

Snow White is the Ogre-Child's Aunt (Prince Charming's sister-in-law). She lives in a sparkling palace with her husband "The Inn Keeper" and three wonderful red-headed dwarves: Sir Lancelot, Jack (and the Beanstalk), and Tom Thumb.

The Inn Keeper is Prince Charming's older brother, which means that Snow White is Ogre-Child's Aunt! And our favorite AUNT at that!!!

Top 10 Reasons we love Aunt Snow White:
  1. She hates the Wicked Witch as much as I do
  2. She is hilarious to be around
  3. She invites us over for no reason at all
  4. She lets me vent about Prince Charming's not so endearing qualities without judgement
  5. She has all boys and therefore adores the hell out of Ogre-Child
  6. She can take care of the Ogre-Child as well as I can
  7. She drinks Arbor Mist like me
  8. She thinks my mother is AWESOME!!
  9. She has awesome parents who invite US for holidays (keep in mind these are my in-laws, in laws)
  10. She is letting me bring a pink-eye-infested Ogre-Child to her house so Prince Charming & I can enjoy our first night together ALONE this year!!

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess


Anonymous said...

Did I ever tell you how much I adore grandchildren.. lots of grandchildren,,,

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

No... not now... not soon... ask later... or have them yourself!! Or you could adopt! Taking in strays seems to be a habit in our family!! You can't tell me you can't find some STRAY grandkid to spoil!! KIDNAP one!! Geeze! Do I have to teach you everything?

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