Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekly Word Challenge

I've been waiting for a word set from The Weekly Word Challenge that I could participate in. Tink has finally stumbled on a set I like.
This weeks words were "MOODY" A word that every woman can relate to (as well as every man). The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess happens to be an EXPERT at MOODY! No, seriously, just ask my psychiatrist!! So, in a true, alter-ego revealing explanation, I will blow your mind with this MOODY picture of me.
Thankfully for the inhabitants of Fairy Tale Land, this particular MOOD is rare and often short-lived. Okay, so the MOOD may not be short-lived, but I quickly grow tired of wearing the mood on the outside of my face.
Confession: I wasn't in a bad mood when I took the picture, I was showing off for my baby sister who didn't believe that her OLD sister could still fit in with the FREAK FACTOR!
Thant being said, The second word of the week is "BRIGHT".
In a photogenic, narcasistic mood, I broke out the camera last night for a styling photo shoot. I have to say I was happily surprised by the result.
This picture shows off my BRIGHT eyes and an expression I just love. I increased the fill light and highlights to BRIGHTEN the picture.
I love the artistic contrast and the overall feel of this picture.


Tink said...

Great use of the words! I really love the lighting on the second picture. The first... Well, I'm not sure I'd want to meet you in an alley. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tink, make her tell you about the day she decided she was old... and had to call her Daddy up and say.."Dad, I'm so sorry I dressed like that and embarassed you".. oh yea.. we laughed till tears rolled.. It all comes back to haunt em..

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