Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You called me what?

In good ol' Sunshine tradition, she has once again given me something to write about. I so lack inspiration. What would I do without her? *huge hugs*

So the topic of discussion today is "Nicknames"

My REAL name is Kori (but you can call me PRINCESS!)

So, here's a brief list of names I've been called on a regular basis (vulgarity has been excluded because I assume that is a given for anyone who knows me for too long.)

1. Curtain Climber (and my other cousin was Ankle Biter) - somewhere there's a picture of me with a shirt that says this.

2. Punky (after Punky Brewster)

3. Bubba (thanks Mom)

4. Kori Nickle (because Nicole is hard to say)

5. Kore (A given right?)

6. K-Ore (after Neb. governor Kay Ore)

7. Willie (thank you best friend who still calls me this 10 years later) - This same girlfriend, another one & I used to send notes in HS and signed them DJ, CJ & TJ. I've since forgotten who was who, but the whole reason was in case the notes were found by the wrong person they'd never know who to send to detention!

8. Nancy (after "The Craft")


On a side note, strange nicknames run in the family... RALPH (a woman), Aunt FU.DGE (never saw her eat fudge), B.UT.CH, SK.EE.TE.R, B.UB, R.ED (this one actually makes sense), D.IC.K, CLETUS, A.CE...

But the #1 nickname is NUFFIN'.
I was 6 when my great-grandpa passed away. I adored him & he died the day before my b-day. Everyone (including grandma) always called MY grandpa, "Grandpa" (imagine that?) However, I was totally miffed when my great-grandpa died and the first time someone called grandpa "Grandpa" afterwards, I hollered...
"DON'T YOU CALL HIM THAT!!" (because in my 6-yr-old brain Grandpa died)
so they calmly asked, "Well honey, if we can't call him that, what should we call him?"


And "Nuffin" it was until I got over it!


Sunshine said...

Why did I just KNOW you would have a huge list???? OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about Nuffin... but I love the blog

Love,, Momma Ralph

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