Thursday, August 21, 2008

You had to be there!

Here is a short list of humorous things that have been overheard in our classroom this week! Some things just sound really bad if they are taken out of context. This is how rumors get started!

  • (Boss to co-worker's child) "Stop squeezing my APPLES!"
  • (Boss to co-worker) "He'll be here tomorrow to DO IT with you!"
  • (One brother to another) "Stop poking me in the BUTT with your PENCIL!"
  • (Principal to teacher) "I need to look at your DRAWERS!"
  • (Boss to me) "We really need to clean things up because I'm tired of getting into his DRAWERS!"
  • (Other boss to us) "What are you talking about? I don't even have any DRAWERS!"
  • (Me to co-worker) "Just be patient, I'll get to your DRAWERS later!"

1 comment:

carrie said...

You guys are naughty!! HA HA

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