Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ju Do Know Nuffin 'Bout Me!!

Conversation with Prince Charming:

PC: Hey hun, want something new to blog about?
Me: Sure, whatcha got?
PC: I got proposed to!!
PC: (giggles)
Me: No no no no... What the fuck?
PC: Some, doesn't-speak-a-lick-of-English, ugly chick at work is about to have her Visa expire!
Me: (silence)
PC: I couldn't understand a word she said.
Me: (silence)
. . .
. . .
Me: Well, is she going to pay you?
PC: (laughing) I dunno, never thought to ask!

Half of me screams "Oh the HELL YOU DID!"
But the other half wonders just how much cash legal citizenship is worth...


Veronica said...

I asked my hubby one time, after watching Indecent Proposal, if he would ever pimp me out for a million dollars. He thought about it and said what he thought to be the perfect answer, "Never because I love you so much." My reply was--"If your that stupid I should divorce your ass, I'd pimp you out for a million dollars in a heartbeat, It has nothing to do with love"--He did not find that amusing....I cannot understand why??

Anonymous said...

That is too funny

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