Sunday, June 28, 2009

VOTE on new design!!

*Warning... it's 2 am... I've spent 3 weeks trying to find/being out bid/falling in love/getting the contract on a house/getting nervous because the move will involve changing jobs. So after I read this, I noted several typos... deal with it. I've fixed what I remembered seeing, but I know there are more. You're intelligent individuals and I have no doubt you can decipher my meaning. I promise to be more diligent in the future, but tonight, my give a d*** is busted!

So... with the folks moving to the kingdom on Tuesday and having jumped for joy at the fact that our offer was accepted Friday on "The Princess's Dream Palace" in the middle of Who The Hell Lives in Bum F*** Egypt? Nowhere!! (see me jumping for joy?!?!) The whole blogger world is put on hold.

But that's just an excuse. The truth is... I've had the new blog palace near completion for a week now. The problem is... I'm indecisive!! (Give me a break!! I was saving all my decisiveness for the house-buying procedure and now I'm sapped!)

So here's your chance. I know... I've totally slacked off on blogging and you've all lost total and utter faith in me (i.e. I've been replaced by the cute blond down the street!)

BUT... I'm hoping that not all my readers have packed there shit and kicked the dog on the way out the door totally abandoned me.

Because I now call upon you to summon the strength I do not have...

Pick the new header (and therefore the entire design of the new site!)

If you do not accept this challenge... or if there is a need for a tie breaker... I am simply going to feed the Ogre Child some chocolate and hand her a page with all three options. Whichever is covered in the most chocolate by the time she gets bored will be the winner.

So here are the entries:

The Original
This was the first full length header I created for THIS site. The background color for the page could be
A) Dark Blue (shown)
B) Burgundy (the darker red in the left side)
C) Orange (behind the castle)
D) Chocolate (The shirt)
E) Cream (the crown/text)

The Beach
This header is the result of Summer Fever and thinking about sandcastles and tequila sunrises. The background colors could be:
A) teal/aqua (like the ocean)
B) grey (like the sky)
C) orange (like the drink/blanket)
D) sand (ummm... like the sand?)

Last but not least
Disney Castle
This came about when I was searching castle pictures. It's a more cheery/colorful/make you puke "happy" header. The background colors could be:
A) Pastel Blue (do I need to describe it?)
B) Pastel Pink (again, where did I come up with this color?)
C) Pastel Yellow (I'm just grabbing at straws here)
D) Red (there's some in the flags and roses, but it does hurt most people's eyes)
E) Purple (Castle tops)
F) Green (there's grass down there)

So your mission is to leave a comment with your favorite header. I'd even accept "I hate them all, create something new!" And for extra credit... you make a background suggestion.

The header with the most votes will be found on the new site VERY SOON if I get my sh** together If there is a definite winner on background color, I'll do my best to make the color work... but I have the final say on that because sometimes they just don't look nearly as nice as you think they will.

What do you get for your valued opinions?
(i.e. How do I get you to tell me what you think?)

Why I'm bribing you of course!!

Here's the deal...

If less than 10 people comment/vote...

  • I will create a custom "I Voted" badge to post to your pages.

If at least 10 people comment/vote...

  • I will have the Ogre Child draw three names from a hat and award them a custom designed link badge for their website. I'll even install it if need be (sign in information required for installation)

If at least 25 people comment/vote...

  • I will award 1 lucky winner a custom designed header or stationary background design.
  • Plus 3 others will still receive a link badge.

If you rock my world and make this the most popular post with 50 comment/votes...

  • I will give a Grand Prize of either the custom header, or a gift basket of random surprise goodies (guaranteed to include some type of chocolate).
  • I will give the remaining header/basket (whichever isn't picked) to a 2nd place
  • Plus the 3 badges.

Want more treats?

  • Blog this with a link for an extra entry (you must vote first and you must tell me you blogged it) -- after all... we want to hit that 50 mark!!


  • No more than 2 comments/blogger (one for the vote, one mentioning a blog post) will be counted to the comment/vote count. You know I have to put it in there so you silly fruit loops don't do this...
  • "I"
  • "think"
  • "you"
  • "should"
  • "use"
  • "the"
  • "Beach"
  • "header"
  • "with"
  • "a"
  • "sand"
  • "background"
  • "and"
  • "I"
  • "blogged"
  • "about"
  • "it"
  • "I"
  • "want"
  • "the"
  • "gift"
  • "basket"
  • "thanks"

You know who you are *wink*

So get to voting... and send your friends to vote so I can mail someone a gift basket!!


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Monday, June 15, 2009

I haven't forgotten you

Bear with me bloggies.
I have not been too drunk to blog forsaken you.
There is a greater plan in motion.
For those of you who dare to stay with me through this lapse in blogging, I think you will find a fabulous surpirse lies just down the road.
I am in the process of remodeling the castle.
When I get my poop in a group the remodel is completed to my satisfaction, I will post a link to my new site (sorry, there are glitches on this one that for the life of me I cannot repair.)
The new site will include:
  • navigation menus
  • interesting and fun pages for your entertainment
  • a guest book (for those of you too busy to comment regularly)
  • links to tutorials
  • past posts from a previous blog that you may (or may not) be aware of
  • a spectacular new layout
  • and many more entertaining items

I must say, I believe I am pushing Blogger to it's limits. Since I am clearly inept do not understand the concept of CSS, this is a very complicated process for me. However, I believe that you will find yourself in awe and amazement it is all well worth the wait.

Again, bear with me bloggies. I want to complete this project before we get hot and heavy into moving The Queen, purchasing our own home and the return of the school year. The process has hit a few bumps in the road because I have a short attention span and am easily distracted by shiny objects the contractors are idiots.

Best Blogging to the Bloggies!

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