Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Ava

WARNING: Here there be tears

I'm not sappy. I'm seldom sweet. I don't get all teary eyed and emotional over every little thing. You might even say, I'm kind of hard. Thousands of children die every day, thousands more never make it far enough to take their first breath.

So I have no idea why, when stumbling through the net tonight, this one case struck me like a rock. I was just looking for a song. And instead I found a story.

Maybe it's because, like her, I blogged through my whole pregnancy. Or maybe it's because my daughter has her first real cold and I should have taken her to the doctor today, but I decided to wait 24-hours. Whatever the reason, her story struck a nerve and I needed to let it out.

So if you're reading this, thinking I'm going to pop off with a funny quip to cheer you up, you'll have to find another post.

If you're in the mood for self-torture, grab a Kleenex box and read Ava's story.

Because it struck me so hard, I wrote this for her:

For Ava

Heaven's Angels gathered 'round
And searched forever on the ground
A picture of the grandest make
A task they set themselves to take

You came into a world so hard
In life's mosaic, just a shard
Just one small piece, a tiny gem
Too soon They took you back to Him

Your facets shone so very bright
An Angel saw on your first night
You sparkled in your mother's heart
Though she knew from life you soon would part

The value of such short a time
Cannot be written down in rhyme
It's measured in your parent's tears
And multiplies with passing years

That Angel took you in his hand
And prayed your family'd understand
Despite the tears upon their face
Such beauty's meant for a better place

Just one small speck of colored glass
Still sparkling as the years do pass
Your memory in their minds so sweet
And Heaven's picture's now complete.

-K. A.

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