Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dedication: Fuck the Magic Dragon

You know her song already!!

So what else can I tell you about my friend Fuck?

Well, she's a farm gal. She spends her days delivering meals to the field, wrangling her two children, and riding around on a tractor.

Despite the tough life that being a farm life holds, Fuck still manages to stay in touch with all her friends via her Smart Phone (I'm jealous!)

That goofy, leg-pissing dragon loves the color pink and hates little woodland creatures that sneak onto her fields to undo her hard work. I though about buying her a hunting rifle, but then I decided I'd just buy her several really strong drinks and see if I could make her laugh so hard she sneezed fire. Unfortunately, the whole plan backfired and she farted fire. This in turn fried the hair in my nose and my eyebrows. So now we have to postpone the next Princess Ball because there's no way I'm being seen in public with no eyebrows. And then have to explain to people that Fuck's ass burnt them off. Embarassing!!

To make it up to me, Fuck gave the Ogre-Child a huge bag of adorable clothes. We're talking CUTE CUTE CUTE! And since I forgot to thank her when I saw her (because I was jumping in the lake to put the fire out) I'm thanking her now!!

She's having a tough time right now, and though I'm not sure what's going on, I hope she gets it all sorted out and cheers up! I'm hoping this sort of helps to put a smile on her face.

Because honestly, what would a Real Life Fairy Tale Princess be without a little piss on her pants?


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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess


Veronica said...

Fuck's ass burn off your eyebrows...omg I nearly died....and the pissing on the leg thing will never get old, I will laugh at that when I'm 80!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have heard both sides of the pissing on the leg story and laugh at both of them.. I've heard of pissing up a rope, but pissing from one tree to another tops it..

And Veronica, when is that we can expect you to launch you very own blog and tell us where to find it?

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