Sunday, August 10, 2008

Halfway to the Anti-Christ!

Inspired by this wonderful blogger. I thought I'd check out my "issues" for myself. From the looks of it, I'm a greedy, lazy, angry person!! Wow!! Thanks!! I feel so much better about being me! You'll notice I didn't even do so well in the other categories. Guess I only have one strong point and that's having little pride in myself! RIIIIIIGHT!

That explains why I'll be spending tomorrow morning reading a vampire novel and sleeping in, rather than playing "Kneel, Rise, Sing" at the local 'cult'.

But honestly, I've got nothing against religion. I just looked at this chart and though... "Religion, making people feel guilty for centuries!" Truthfully though, whatever helps you sleep well at night is fine by me. As you can see by the chart, assessing my sins doesn't really lead to a good night's sleep for me!

PARTY DOWNSTAIRS!! Who's with me?

Pride:Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess


Sunshine said...

I did this quiz too and my Greed was medium while the rest were Low and Lust was VERY Low. No big shocker there, that was before I started hormone therapy and never wanted to have sex.

I should retake this some time and see how it goes.

But, yeah, it looks like you're totally going to hell. lmao

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Aren't you just pure as a drow of snow! SUCK UP!! The only things is, I read your blog. I'm not buying the whole purity shit! And if I get there before you, I'm TELLING on you!!


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