Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Kansas (and the rest of America)

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I suggest you take a good look at this site:
It lists all the requests for assistance from the federal stimulus project.
Looking through Kansas "projects" requesting federal funds, I found the following:
  • $15,050,000 requested to repair roads and bridges in Kansas City
  • $55,650,000 requested to repair sewers/pipes/pumps in Kansas City
  • $25,000,000 requested for parking in Kansas City
  • $116,300,000 requested for various city buildings in Kansas City
  • $2,272,184 requested for cooling/electrical service towers in Kansas City
  • $60,000 requested for new employment in Kansas City
  • $25,800,000 requested for levees in Kansas City
  • $3,000,000 requested for bus transportation in Kansas City

Kansas City's grand total: $243,132,184

But that's just the tip of the iceberg!!

  • $31,275,000 for roads in Lenexa
  • $54,700,000 for pipes/lakes/streams/wetlands in Lenexa
  • $17,480,080 for roads and signals in Manhattan, KS
  • $58,335,138 for water/sewer in Manhattan
  • $4,251,500 for the Manhattan Airport
  • $8,650,000 for other services in Manhattan (fire, daycare, etc.)
  • $35,960,000 for roads in Newton
  • $15,900,000 for water/sewer in Newton
  • $11,526,000 for the Newton Airport

So just how much is the state of KANSAS asking for?

$528,306,310 IN 4 TOWNS!!!!

Granted... I totally figure that if the government is forking out money to bail out stupidity... Kansas is just as entitled as any other state. No doubt the same will be true no matter which state I look up.

But here's where I have a problem...

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee approved $322.6 million in cuts to schools THIS YEARS budget (ending June 30th) with more cuts for the next school year!

It's great that the state is trying to get money for road construction and building repairs because once our quality of education drops, we'll have a lot of uneducated young adults who won't be able to qualify for college. Good to know that the state is looking out for these young people to make sure there are plenty of labor jobs available for our future generations. No doubt the military will step up too, making sure these kids can go die for other countries when they can't get into college or can't afford it.

This whole situation just pisses me off. The country is in a financial crisis. So lets solve the problem (and stimulate that economy) by making sure we reduce our education levels, laying off teachers, and forcing schools to charge fees just to educate your children. Yep... I'm sure that will definately make up for the financial problems. We won't be kicking ourselves a few years from now!!

I certainly hope the government approves the projects Kansas has requested. We'll need those repaired bridges for the homeless to live under. We'll need good roads to hitchhike on when you can't afford to drive your car. We'll need those govenment buildings to be in good condition so we can feel comfortable walking in to file for bankruptsy. We'll definately need those sewer systems in good condition to handle all of the bullshit the government is shoveling down our throats!!!

To hell with banks who can't pull their heads out of their asses! To hell with companies who's crappy policies have them sinking!! I'd much rather see my tax dollars rewarding those companies that DID THINGS RIGHT!! Give the money to them to create more jobs!! At least I'll have a sense that they'll spend my tax dollars wisely and use it to fix the problem. GM? Ford? They screwed up! But other car companies on the news claim to be holding their own because they have better budgeting. Give them the BAILOUT!! Tell them to open more plants and let the idiots go under!!

Give the money to education! Give it to vetrans benefits! Give it to cancer research! Fuck NASA and their billion dollar mistakes. Fuck CEO's who take extravegant trips on my tax dollars! And while I'm at it, FUCK former first ladies who purchase outrageous China sets when Americans are struggling to put food on their tables!!

I'm all about starting at the top and firing your way down until you find someone who knows how to balance a checkbook!! I have students in special education who know how to fill out a check registry!

Better yet... you find a single working mother with a dead-beat ex-husband who has fought for years to collect $15 a month to save up for Christmas presents. Offer her $100,000 to fix the budget. I guarantee she'll pay the bills and make that extra $20 last the entire month. She'll do so without jeopardizing the future of our children!!


Write your legislature!! COMPLAIN!! BE HEARD!! If you aren't willing to spend 42 cents on a stamp to tell them they've got it wrong, you don't have any right to open your mouth at all!

Bloggers around the country are complaining about our problems. We are intellegent, literate, and opinionated!


(find out how to contact your local legislature HERE)

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The Queen said...

I'll comment.. I just sent your link to all of their asses... I don't think I could say it any better than you just did.

I've been watching this on every station that carries the news.. They are ALL angry about this crap...

The people are angry... And does no one get it's rubbing salt in the wound to give our money away to losers.... why do they not get this...Even Ogre Child gets it..

Do wrong.. no cookie.. only a time out..

Do right.. no time out.. a cookie..

it's that simple...

Why are the elected officials having such a tough time with this... ogre isn't even two yet and she gets it!!

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