Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nuclear Fallout

I know I'm late on thisone, but since I knew she was going to post her response today I knew to scroll right past it and write mine before I read hers. So, we'll see if Tink & I agree at all about who survives the nuclear fallout.

Scenerio: You are trapped in a fallout shelter with
the other Homebloys who visit this blog. The instruments in the shelter indicate
that it will not be safe for your group to leave the shelter for six months.
Luckily, there is enough food, water, and other facilities to permit your group
to remain in the shelter for the required six months.There is a telephone in
your shelter that is linked to a fallout shelter in another city. One member of
your group just spoke with a person who is trapped in the other shelter and
reports the following information:

"There are nine people in the other shelter. After surveying their
provisions, it has become apparent that there is only enough water to keep four
members of that group alive the six months before it is safe to leave the
shelter."The other group realizes that five of its members will have to be put
out of the shelter so that those remaining will have a chance to live. However,
they have been unable to make the necessary decision as to who will be put out
of their shelter.The other group has asked you to make a decision on its behalf.
It has agreed to implement your decision immediately and without question.The
group in the other shelter consists of the following people:

1. A male carpenter, 25 years old.
2. A male biologist, 50 years old.
3. A female attorney, 40 years old.
4. A male minister, 40 years old.
5. A pregnant college student, 28 years old.
6. A female college student, 18 years old.
7. A male mental patient, 48 years old.
8. A female child, 6 years old.
9. A male physician, 72 years old.

Which four will you choose to remain in the shelter and why?

So... here is my VERDICT!!

Priority #1 - REPOPULATION
SURVIVOR #1 - Pregnant college student.
  1. WELL EDUCATED - At 28 years old she has probably completed several years of college or gained a healthy amount of life-experience before realizing the importance of education.
  2. FERTILE - Clearly she is young enough and capable of bearing children to repopulate the earth.
  3. GENETIC DIVERSITY - I am assuming the child is not fathered by one of the men present in the shelter, thus an extra set of DNA for future generations.
  4. AGE - I'm 28... I like her!!

SURVIVOR #2 - A female child.

  1. GENERATION GAP - The surviving women in their late 20's who are of child bearing age, will only have a little over 10 years to produce children. The resulting children will then need time to mature and develop before they can produce. Therefore, this 6 year old female will be able to reproduce about the same time a 28 year old will stop being able. Frankly, as sick as it might sound, it wouldn't matter as much when it comes to male children because their reproduction age is longer. I know... GROSS!!
  2. MORE GENETIC DIVERSITY - I am assuming by her age & the ages of the other members that she is probably not the child of one of the others. Though she very well could be, it is not specified.
  3. SHE'S A KID - Yeah, I know we should think about the logic and such. About how she will not be a contributing member of society, or how she will be a strain on the already stressed environment. You can get technical and tell me her chances of survival and yadda yadda yadda... but honestly, all logic aside. I will not be the heartless asshole who kills a 6-year-old (no offense if you took the logical route and killed the helpless think... you ASSHOLE!).

Priority #3 - SHELTER
Survivor #3 - A male carpenter

  1. EVEN MORE GENETIC DIVERSITY - You guessed it... again, assuming he's no relation to the other women. However, there are 9 survivors in my shelter who are probably not related to him.
  2. CARPENTRY - Yes, we COULD live in shacks and we WOULD find a way to create shelters. However, since the outside environment will likely be extremely hostile, it would be a plus that he has a little extra experience in that field.
  3. REPRODUCTION AGE - The youngest of the men present, I label him the most likely candidate to reproduce successfully.
  4. HE'S HOT! - Hell yes! I saw him working on that roof in the hot August sun with no shirt and the smooth tanned skin and the rippling muscles and ... I need a shower now! Who wouldn't want to be trapped in a fallout shelter with HIM!

Survivor #4 - (This was a tough one) A male physician
Reasons (hear me out on this one)

  1. HISTORICAL REFERENCE - It is important to preserve history in some sense or another. His life experience alone far excedes the others. While I realize that the years he has remaining are few, the knowledge in his mind is invaluable.
  2. MEDICAL CARE - Someone will need to have medical experience to care for the pregnant woman. Someone will need to help deliver and care for the child when it arrives. Initially, he will be able to care for survivors, and hopefully be able to pass his knowledge onto others so that they may care for future generations. This may help prevent stepping back to the 18th century when the life expectancy was slim and plagues ran rampid.

So there you have the survivors. Now for the ones I killed and more importantly, why they didn't make the cut!

  1. A male biologist, 50 years old. - While his skills and knowledge would be valuable and he is technically still of reproduction age for me (GROSS!). Biology is the study of life. Life tends to find a way. Plants will grow, organisms will survive. And while he could make this process work faster & help us to understand the process more... I don't want to think about the whole reproducing with the 20 somethings so he's DEAD!
  2. A female attorney, 40 years old. - I read ATTORNEY, marked her as USELESS and never gave her a second thought!
  3. A male minister, 40 years old. - While the masses MAY benefit from his spiritual guidance... I don't know him and he could be another DAVID KORESH. More people have died in the name of God than I care to count. He's probably a sweet old man, but I assure you the spiritual will let their voices be heard with or without his help.
  4. A female college student, 18 years old. - She's fucking HIGH. No life experience. Very little education. Just a dumb pothead... she's DEAD!
  5. A male mental patient, 48 years old. - Do I even have to explain this one? While tragic, he's not genetic material (unless you want to eat crayons all day) and he'd probably need more care than the 6 year old. Besides... if he's truely crazy... he won't even know I sent him outside to DIE... he'll think he's on a secret spy mission from the CIA to collect spider poop!

And just in case you were wondering, the survivors in my shelter include

  1. Me, Ogre-Child & Prince Charming (duh!)
  2. Fairy Godmother (yeah, I don't care if she's 50... she's useful, resourceful, and my MOM!)
  3. All the Trolls Under the Bridge (like I'd let my drinking buddies go down in radiation)
  4. Tink (because she beat me to the shelter door)
  5. Sunshine (because we probably won' have any for a while)
  6. Buffy (because I need someone to procrastinate with)
  7. LL (because he's a country boy and "Country Boys can Survive!")
  8. Chris (because Mom would get mad if I let her baby sis get a sunburn outside)

All the rest of you never leave me comments so I thought you DIED in the initial explosion!


Tink said...

Girl, I've been in the shelter since February. ;)

I loved your answers.

Chris said...

ok, (sniff) my feelings are not hurt (sniff) just because you didn't save me for reasons other than fear of your Mother (sniff and a little tear) Good thing I'm only Aunty Far-Far-Away and not the Wicked Witch of the North.

Now, move the hell over & remember if it comes down to not enough rations... I am older & bigger than you and always have a stash of pharmaceuticals and alcohol. I am not above using bribery to secure my safety thus, putting you out to tan. ;-)

CelticBuffy said...

Awesome! We completely picked that same people to save (I chose mine before I scrolled down to read who you chose). Although, if we procrastinate together it will take a heck of a long time to rebuild! ;)

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

tink - LOL... girl, you need to get out and get some SUN!!

chris - oh PSH... you know better. See how you are... one little verbal indescression and you boot me out for a BBQ. Geeze! Don't you know that my pale skin burns easily? NOT NICE!

buffy - the wrld is screwed if we're in charge. We'll get around to it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

crap,, again...

Chris.. I'm not fertile, I'm not educated, and I'm fat.. I'm thinking I'll get kicked to the curb soon too... oh well...

You and I will use our super powers to take over the world while they are all hiding in their stinking shelters...

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