Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disney Oversight #4

Ever notice how in the Disney movies, the young couple always spends at least one sweet night under the stars wide awake and in love?

What a load of crap! In Real Life, once you are old enough to stay out late enough under the stars without worrying that your father will come banging on the side of the flying carpet, one of two things happens. You're either ten sheets to the wind and the necking has come and gone by the time the stars come out. OR You're totally exhausted and you only know what the stars look like because you stared out your bedroom window in an insomniac-induced coma!!

I've come to the conclusion that either I need to discuss my insomnia with my doctor, or see a therapist about why I willingly torture myself by staying up on the internet well after most life forms have curled up for the night. I'm not sure if I can't sleep or don't want to sleep because I haven't tried to sleep!

And why? Is Fairy Tale Land really so exciting that Imust be certain not to miss the slightest of events and happenings? Well, not after midnight Central time it isn't. You'd think with numerous bloggers and numerous time zones, someone would be awake to entertain me. But alas, the whole world sleeps while I sip a cocktail and twitter my fingers on a keyboard, filling the screen with mindless Fairy Tale Princess gibberish and garble.

Do I feel a desperate need to log my every minute on the computer? Not really, I just finished 6 relatively entertaining posts about my commenters and they are auto-tuned to entertain you for the next 2 1/2 days. I could take a break and read THE BOOK, if I so desired.

And yet, with the drone of working life returning on Monday, I should be trying to train my brain back into the routine of a semi-normal sleep arrangement. Sadly, I feel a desperate need to sap every second of spare time all to myself rather than waste it on such frivilous things as sleep.

The Ogre-Child sleeps silently on the couch within arms reach. I just popped open a new can of caffinated beverage. And I've lost track of how many cancer sticks I've sucked down because I smoke mindlessly when on the computer. I can work 8-12 hours without one. I can read for 3 hours without one. I can sit through a 2 hour movie without one. But put me in a car or in front of this mind-warping screen and they shrivel to ashes before I'm satisfied. Figure that one out.

So not the point. The point is "WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE ASLEEP?" Don't you know "It's sweeter after midnight!"? Seriously, get with the program here. This is one Disney misconception that we need to make happen!!

I challenge you to blog one post after midnight!! (Auto-scheduling is cheating!!)

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