Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disney Oversite #2

Ever notice how in the Disney version, the table cloth is always straight, the candles burn even and the food is never burnt?

Makes me sick!!

Speaking of sick... I want to see one of the Disney Princesses with a sick child in tote.

Here's how my week has gone...

Day 1: Child has runny nose and random sneezing. Gets to sleep at 3AM after much screaming and fussing.

Day 2: Child seems fine all day. Starts random coughing 2 hours before bedtime. Gets to sleep at 4AM after much screaming and fussing.

Day 3: Child seems even better, but considering the previous night, The Real Life Fairy tale Princess calls her doctor. The nurse says if she isn't better tonight she needs to be seen tomorrow. 2 hours after clinic closes, child get leaky eyes. Gets to sleep at 5AM after much screaming and fussing.

Day 4: Child has 11AM appointment. We arrive 10 minutes early. After 20 minutes in the lobby we are taken to a small room. There is no child thermometer. Head scan says 97.4 degrees. Odd considering she's clearly sick. Shrug, no big deal, I didn't think she was ever running a fever. At 11:45 the nurse comes in. Looks at the child's matted eyes. Looks at both ears. Holds her down and checks her throat. And then declares,
"She has conjunctive pink eye in BOTH eyes and an ear infection in
her right ear. Eyedrops for her eyes, clean with warm water.
Antibiotics for the ear infection. Oh yeah, and pink eye is generally
extremely contagious so you'll want to be really careful and do a lot of
hand-washing. Have a nice day!"

Drive home, send Prince Charming to grab Rx since he's in town still.

Next Step: Pick up the phone and cancel my anniversary plans for tomorrow since I doubt Auntie Snow White wants all of the dwarves to get pink eye at the beginning of the school year.

And why is this sort of thing not included in Disney movies? I certainly find it entertaining, amusing, and hell, depending on how long they drug it out, it could be a series!!

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess


Dear Mommie & Daddie,

I know it's your special day, but I really wanted to spend it with you. I'm too young to get a job and buy you both a present so I'm giving you pink eye also. Hope you like your present.



Anonymous said...

oh,, poor little baby girl....hope you are feeling better soon...

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I know. She's such a big girl about it too. She hates the drops and cries so bad. But she settles right down and takes it like a "big girl" when it's all over!

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