Monday, August 11, 2008

Dedication: Alice in Wonderland

Being a Real Life Fairy Tale Princess means that I get to meet a lot of interesting characters. Now we're all pretty familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland. What the books don't tell you is that Alice grew up and found the person set forth in the books was just too much for her. She now goes by the name of Sapphire.

Sapphire's favorite movie is Jerry McGuire. Now frankly, I'm not a big fan of the movie because I don't believe the whole idea of "I married you for fun. I think your kid is cool. We can make this work!" Not even if when you throw in the "You had me at 'Hello'," crap! But considering one of my favorite movies is "Hope Floats" (ever met a cowboy who knows how to run a camera and has the mental capacity to sweep you off your feet like that?) I really can't judge someone's choice of movie.

Now, all of my friends, both in Real Life and Fairy Tale land, have some little quirk or issue that could land them in a padded room with really cool medications. But you know, I haven't figured Sapphire out yet.

Me, I'm kind of the blow your top, take no shit, kick your ass with a smile sort of gal. It's the whole princess thing. It's drilled into you. No matter what, always appear to be honest, sweet and innocent. But that doesn't mean you can't find ways to tell them off without anyone else noticing. From what little I know of Sapphire, she'd make a pretty good princess. Maybe even better than me.

I mean, her wicked step-sister totally flubbed up her fingernails and Sapphire just smiled and nicely asked for her to fix them. Clearly, her wicked sister must be much easier to deal with than mine. The last time my evil step-sister and I had a disagreement (we were like 12) I recall screaming, scratching, tears and somewhere in the middle of the whole mess the neighbor girl ended up with permanent scars because I attacked her. (Even a Princess can lose it if she's in the middle of no where far from the spotlight of the media!)

But Sapphire is either WAAAAYYYY better at this princess thing than I am, or she's just a suck up push over (I love you!). Frankly, I tip my tiara to the woman after last years "Annual BALLROOM FIASCO" (aka. Prom) If I'd have been in that woman's shoes, trying to work miracles with the Prom Dress from Hell, I'd be a Mad Hatter by now!

Now then, lets all send big loves and hugs to Sapphire who will be sending her beloved White Rabbit off into the big world of college life soon. Reassure her that just because she doesn't need to chase the little bunny all over Wonderland anymore, doesn't mean her life is going to come to a screeching hault. There will still be many adventures for Alice and the White Rabbit. They will just become more grown-up adventures. No less exciting than the ones she's had in the past!!

Now would someone get that damn Cheshire Cat to shut up? Seriously...
Cheshire Cat: If I were looking for a white rabbit, I'd ask the Mad Hatter.
Alice: The Mad Hatter? Oh, no no no...
Cheshire Cat: Or, you could ask the March Hare, in that direction.
Alice: Oh, thank you. I think I'll see him...
Cheshire Cat: Of course, he's mad, too.
Alice: But I don't want to go among mad people.
Cheshire Cat: Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here.
[Laughs maniacally; starts to disappear]
Cheshire Cat: You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself.

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess


Veronica said...

The Cheshire cat was always my fave. And I love the pic you found for this story. Alice looks kinda naughty!!!hehehe

Chris said...

I'm kinda partial to that crazy Cheshire. Glad you too are back blogging, I have missed you & Fairy Godmother so much.

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Veronica - I love the Cheshire Cat. Falls into a (takes one to love one) category. When we own our own house I'm painting a Cheshire cat on a wall all cool and shit!!

Chris - WOW!! Who the hell are you? I love new posters. You know, I knew a Chris once... but then she fell off the face of the earth into never never land? Bout time you found you frigging way back!! Now blog something to make me laugh woman!!!

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