Tuesday, October 21, 2008

100 Things

So I'm totally lazy tonight... but bored... so I'm stealing this from bezbe to appease all my internet stalkers!
  1. I'm blogging naked (too much? sorry!)
  2. I eat yogurt and granola every night
  3. I have more stuffed animals than my daughter
  4. I've ridden a bucking bull in a rodeo
  5. I did NOT last 8 seconds
  6. It hurt like hell!
  7. I'm an only child
  8. I have a sister who is 36 and a brother who is 3!
  9. My father's ancestors traveled the Mormon trail with Brigham Young (this is cool even if I'm not Mormon)
  10. My mother's ancestors lived in Illinois & Missouri at the time when Mormons were persecuted and Joseph Smith was murdered! (this is also cool and has the potential for soooo much irony!)
  11. My great-great-grandfather had 3 wives and 25 children!!
  12. I haven't spoken to my Mother's parents since before my daughter was born.
  13. They've never held their great-granddaughter because they can't say "I'm sorry"
  14. I think my Dad is the coolest man on Earth (sorry Prince Charming!)
  15. My Dad is NOT my father... he's way more!
  16. I think my Mom is the coolest woman on Earth (sorry ladies... she's got it hands down!)
  17. I got a refrigerator box for Christmas when I was 19
  18. The only thing I took from my marriage was a couch (and he still bitched about it)
  19. I only drink coffee at work
  20. I make endless lists and then lose them
  21. I find the lists later and can't remember why I made them
  22. I sort my crayons by color (and get obsessive if they are out of order)
  23. My DVD collection is alphabetized
  24. I hate anything grape
  25. I had all the She-Ra dolls growing up
  26. I took wood shop in Middle School
  27. In college, I would skip my morning art class and do the projects in the art lab at 2 am.
  28. I've been part of a seance
  29. I'm afraid of Ouija boards
  30. I've played hide and seek in a cemetary
  31. I've drag raced in a funeral procession
  32. I used to leave cigarettes at my friend's grave
  33. I screamed every cuss word in the book about a substitute teacher and didn't get so much as a detention
  34. At lunch I eat black olives with creamy Italian dressing almost every day
  35. I've ordered a rum & coke, light on the rum. (I drink for taste and the bartender was serving for SLOSHED!)
  36. I've browsed the dictionary for pleasure.
  37. Clowns are scary
  38. My annual eye exam takes 2 hours (it's Thursday if you wanted to know)
  39. I had the same doctor from birth until I was 23
  40. I have 1 ovary (and she's very independant and refuses to sync with the Stepford Wives)
  41. My medical records say I have colitis and I don't even know what it is!
  42. My favorite food is Italian
  43. I have no Italian ancestors
  44. I have watched Gone With the Wind all the way through... more than once
  45. I have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  46. Sometimes I play country and hip hop back to back
  47. I love cartoons
  48. I'm scared of dentists
  49. I pay for dental insurance
  50. I don't have a dentist
  51. I hate math
  52. I'm a whiz at math
  53. I love English class
  54. I have terrible grammar
  55. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up
  56. I majored in Sociology
  57. I can draw anything
  58. I love antique books
  59. I hate canned fruit
  60. I hate cooking
  61. I can cook
  62. I hate when the laundry is folded wrong
  63. I fold my towels like motels
  64. I collect free samples for when my Mom visits
  65. I love decorating for Christmas
  66. I'm horrible about remembering birthdays
  67. I'd love to be a foster parent someday
  68. I'd love to do interior design
  69. Or web page design
  70. I can sing (or so I've been told)
  71. I can make oragami cranes
  72. I still talk to 3 ex boyfriends on Myspace
  73. I'm a procrastinator
  74. I can say my ABC's backwards... for real... really fast if you want!
  75. I can't dance
  76. I can program a VCR and hook up a surround sound
  77. I got a horse for Easter!
  78. I took hunter safety
  79. I can't say 'polypropaline' (okay, I can, but it takes about 3 tries to get it right!)
  80. After my Senior prom we stopped and washed our clothes in a laundry mat
  81. The laundry mat had a huge picture window
  82. It was one a main street in town
  83. I once bought hair dye in Walmart, then drove to Shopko and dyed my hair in their bathroom, then drove to a gas station and washed the dye out in their water hose.
  84. In college, I went shopping with hair dye in my hair. When my roommate realized we'd been out too long, she drug me into the nearest salon and begged to use their sink before she fried my hair.
  85. I've been carded 3 times in one cigarette!
  86. I put cocoa mix in my morning coffee
  87. I used to deliver coffee and Stephen King novels to my friend every morning she was suspended from school.
  88. I went to Chicago with NO PARENTS when I was 16!
  89. I've gone grocery shopping in a bath robe and bunny slippers at 2 AM
  90. I screamed "I was born with a WANG but I never had a NUT SACK!" while walking down the halls of my dorm (it's the lyrics to a song!)
  91. I've slept on a polar bear hide
  92. I dated a guy who wore more make up than me
  93. I've trained a dog to climb a ladder
  94. I played a terrorist in my High School play (they could never act out 'Softy' in this day and age)
  95. I've eaten horse meat
  96. I want my daughter to do some bad things just to drive Prince Charming's Mother nuts
  97. Beer gives me a headache
  98. I don't want to vote this year because I don't like either candidate
  99. I think used to take pictures of my daughter every day
  100. My daughter has 3 real cell phones and a dozen toy ones.

If you really read through all of these, you SOOO are more bored than I am!! Leave me a comment to PROVE you read them and I'll make you an award when I get some free time. I might not get them done tomorrow, but at least by Thursday!

Have a great tomorrow!! I'm off to bed (I hope)


Granny Nanny said...

OMG, Great laugh to start the day! And by the way #86..I make homemade cocoa mix and put it n my coffee too. Yummy

tt said...

My laugh for the morning!!! Thanks chica! but, did you really go shopping with bunny slippers?? lol

Anonymous said...

TT, oh yes her and her girlfriend did go shopping in bunny slippers...

I read the whole thing daughter,, and I'm asking.. which one of my "daughters" was suspended from school? Another story you girls never told Mama...hmmmm...should I go snoop through the boxes to get the real story on my daughters? OH GOD... I think not.. I have a feeling the TRUTH would kill me...


Kelly Dawn said...

ok yeah so i read the whole thing and I AM AT WORK :) how bored am i? only I have things to do but i just DONT wanna... ;)


J... said...

Catching up on my blog reading since work has been so busy.

Great List. I love lists! Interesting insight into you. My fave? Screaming "I was born with a WANG but I never had a NUT SACK!" That is hilarious!!!

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