Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the Award goes to...

As promised, here's your award for reading all 100 things.

So far, the award goes to the following

Granny Nanny - Mail cocoa mix... I'm out!!

tt - Of course I did. Did you really read all those things and question whether I went shopping in slippers? Surely there were more unbelievable things listed!

queen - I believe it was the one we were all a BAD INFLUENCE on because we all know she wasn't acting out just to get the attention of her parents!

Kelly - shhh... don't tell people we waste time at work hanging ut on blogger, they'll get a program to block the website and then we'll all be committed to a mental hospital!


Anonymous said...

OH my.. I love my award.. looks nice.. you are so talented.....

you get that from me....just in case you didn't know... your real Mom sucks at this kind of stuff..but she's green and has funky ears.. so.. you get your looks from me too..

Farmer*swife said...

Wait! What! When! I read a hundred things! I did! I did! [I did too!]

Oh...that might have been over at ff's place...see?

I'm missing stuff! No fair. Stupid Halloween and parties and stuff. Stupid cold that kicked me a week behind.

[exiting griping, moping and mumblin' to self]

Happy Thursday! [At first I typed Turd-day! Ha ha!]

Anonymous said...

Speaking of awards my little one.. you won the HEIR TO THE QUEEN, award by default and gene pool...No one else wanted to be HEIR TO THE QUEEN

so,, you may go pick up your award at no man's land when you are ready..

Love you bunches...

Mom Mie..

tt said...

Well........SFD! I'll have to get my 'goto' gal to come over and fetch my beautimus and so rightfully deserved award...:)
I'm ignorant about how to get those don't cha know!
I'm such a whore for this kinda stuff...FW taught me to be that way! hahahahahaha

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