Friday, October 24, 2008

Join the POETS Society!!

Clearly, Farmer*s Wife is far too excited about the whole Friday Poets Club!! Next time I have a "pending" sign, I'll make sure it's
and says...

"Do you know what I'm going to say?"...


Anyway, I'm totally stealing this from my RL friend. I think it needs to be part of Blogland!!

The POETS Society is all about


In other words... maybe you will post on Friday... or maybe you will just put up a sign saying I'm a member of the POETS Society! Or maybe, you'll tell us all about how you blew off everything and called it an early weekend... it doesn't matter what you do. It's Friday!!

Go home, lock the children in the closet, crack open the wine bottle, and when your significant other asks, "What's for dinner?"
Just say, "POETRY!"
(Piss On Everything Today, Reheat Yesterdays!)
Feel free to save & link the images or simply copy the HTML codes I provided :)

This one is too big for MY sidebars, but if you have larger sidebars than me, you're more than welcome to use it!

P.S. Learning "Code boxes" was my new trick today!! WOOHOO for me!!


Farmer*swife said...

YAY! POETS cuz' today is Friday! YAY! I love Friday! Officially, my weekend Friday doesn't begin for another four hours.

But, upon my return (and probably the pinesoling of my floors) I shall celebrate. Farmer*sWife's way! YAY!

Happy FWFD Friday!!!!!!!

squeeeeee! Oh, and yeah. I'll join. Just don't give me an duties -- I'm a little booked up at the moment.

Well. I can watch the booze. That's not hard. So, sign me up for that. :-D

Anonymous said...

Well thank god you finally explained yourself... Our hooker was going insane on Twitter and you wouldn't answer her.. She wanted to know what the FRIDAY POETS CLUB was..NOW WE KNOW.. AND WE ARE IN... MAKE A FREAKING SIGN...

AND TELL T.A.A.T. thanks for the club... too awesome...

leave it to her..

WARNING... don't let FW watch the booze.. TT and I found out the hard way what happens if you do that...

J... said...

Lock the kids in the closet? Definitely!

Q: "What's for dinner?"
That, my dear, is pure poetry in itself!!!

I am so totally in!!!

CelticBuffy said...

I'm in like sin (or Flyn or win or
. . . whatever, it rhymes.)!

Farmer*swife said...

Do you give lessons? Do you tutor? I wanna' learn all this cool coding skill! And, how to make some awards!

I could give some out if I could just figure out how to make them.

By the way? I POETS yesterday! :-D

Kelly Dawn said...

lmao...I am SO going to have to do this one :)


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