Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I've been doing this evening...

If you'd like to see my whole list visit my other blog. But seriously, I deserve bonus points for accomplishing this one:
  • I'm in the process of bleaching the coffee pot.
  • Granted, my coffee pot has only been used a handful of times... however, the last time my mother was here, she made her morning coffee before she left.
  • Kindly, she left me coffee.
  • Unfortunately, I forgot about it until one day the coffee pot actually growled as I passed by it.
  • Being one of a weak stomach, I decided it would be better to let the creature die of starvation before I tackled it.
  • Because frankly... coffee pots are CHEAP!!
  • Besides... corpses are easier to dispose of than live kicking, biting, possibly toxic creatures!!
  • Now the creature is DEAD and I'm trying to salvage the pot so Mom & Dad can have coffee when they get here.
  • Oh don't groan... I've seen my mother clean up a coffee pot far worse than this one was.
  • And though I never wanted to drink coffee from it, it never seemed to phase her one bit!

Okay, maybe I don't get bonus points becase it's my own stinking fault it mutated in the first place. But seriously... I cleaned it. I didn't just wait for the Queen to come rescue it. I actually cleaned it!! You don't even have a clue...


CelticBuffy said...

I've cleaned nasty coffee pots before. Yuck. It's amazing though what a little elbow grease (and salt) will do.

Farmer*swife said...

Oh. I have been there. I have seen a demoned coffee carafe (or whatever they call the glass thingie-ma-boppers that capture the trickling liquid caffeine.

But, they can be cleaned. Bleach and rinse around, and around all the stain and then leave. Possibly with a cloth on top to hold more of the potency in.

And, never thought of salt for that? But, celticbuffy makes an awesome point! Because salt is "abrasive." :-D

mix salt and bleach and see what happens. That sounds like a fabulously toxic beverage....for cleaning, I mean.

Of course. [smiley-wink]

Anonymous said...

old barmaid tip.. to clean the inside of a glass coffee pot.

half full of ice cubes.. a small amount of water... just enough to swish....and salt....

now... swish it around.... keep doing it... don't stop.... ok... dump and rinse.. replace.... and head home.. the bar is clean;..

Anonymous said...

We always got a free drink while we were cleaning the bar...we always did this while we were finishing up our drinks.. it really does work

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