Monday, October 27, 2008

My New Stalkee

In my blog surfing tonight I discovered this

Oh yes... all Fairy Tale Princesses are perfect... I am definately no Mary Fucking Poppins. However, I have aspirations of Martha Stewartism... that is, if you can picture Martha Stewart with a toddling Ogre attached to one hip, a cigarette in the other, walking naked through her 2 bedroom apartment looking for a "Dink Dink" that the couch probably ate!

But seriously. I look at the stacks of papers, the ebb and flow of the kitchen disaster, and the laundry that reproduces in the hallway and wish we could find a better way to stay neat.

I've taken steps... seriously. I make it a point to clean up before bed. Unfortunately, since that usually requires the Ogre Child to be unconscious, I'm usually sapped by that point and the extent of the cleaning amounts to picking up after the hurricane that is my child. Most of the time, I get the benefit of at least waking up to a clean (probably unvaccumed) living room.

However, this is simply not enough!

I want more!

I want to corral the papers, have a sparkling bathroom, be able to use my kitchen counters ANYTIME (not just after one of us has slaved in the kitchen for hours to clean it).

And yes, I've surfed all the organizing/tackle clutter/get clean sites known to man. I've sat down, made lists, organized calendars... but what happens? The lists get lost... the schedule gets tossed to the curb after an exhausting day... and the mess piles up on us once again!

So... after much surfing of the site, I'm adding this blog to my blog roll... because there is one consistant in my life right now (aside from work, Motherhood, etc.) and that is... checking blogs. So I'm thinking, if I were to randomly stumble across these ideas at moments when I'm caught off guard... I might be more likely to find myself in a mood to DO, and less likely to spend time looking up the perfect technique while in the mood to ASPIRE.

So make sure you check out Prohomaker for a little clutter control this week!

Now, I'm off to watch AVP2 and by the time it's through it should be time for bed.

FYI: Forgive the typos tonight, it's a combination of my hand and my keyboard both tripping up at the same time. I did my best, but I'm not going to nit pick on the issue!


Anonymous said...

Evening my love.. just a couple more days and you can the clutter.

One Grandpa...with various medical equipment

One Grandma with various toys for baby..

One baby.. with a crap load of new toys..

One basket of new clothes...

One suitcase...complete with makeup case

One bottle of wine...

brought to you by two parents that just can't wait to get there and see you..

Farmer*swife said...


You found Harry at his place! He is awesome! When I first was introduced to him via a friend of his and blog I read, I immediately was sucked in and read through most of his archives!

He's awesome! And, he shares all his tips, freebies (via the link, just click and reap the benefits) and his recipes and he's all about having it all "Fab"?

In a short beat of a few seconds!

Glad you added him to your roll!

Happy, it's almost Tuesday! [But my laundry is all finished....mostly!]

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Queen - But that's all the good kind of clutter!! We're looking forward to having you!!

FW - yes... and starting a the back of the archives moving forward... what do I stumble on? Clean bathrooms... to which I immediately jumped up and scrubbed my shower down with Comet and sprayed it with on of those I-might-prevent-soap-scum-sprays. So I didn't clean the whole bathroom. But the tub looks nice...

now back to the movie

tt said...

You just crack me up!!!! and that's a good thing...cracks are good...mostly....does that make me a crack shore???
ha ha ha ha ha ha..I just cracked myself up!!!!!!
the fun never ends over here in your castle!!!

Granny Nanny said...

Wow, interesting find! Thanks for sharing..

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Thank you *so* much for the listing on your Blog Roll, as well as the wonderful recommendation! I am beyond flattered. Hope you find some good tips in the archives, and good for you on scrubbing the shower. You had the right idea -- don't do it all at once. Just about 15-30 minutes in the a.m. and 15-30 minutes in the evening.

Thank you again for such a sweet recommendation.

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