Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay, for all my commenters, you should know all you have to do to get a personalized award from me is leave me a comment. I love comments!!

So the following commenters have requested their awards:

Farmer*s Wife

Queen of No Man's Land

And here they are!!

I think I got the color's matched okay. If they aren't right after you put them up, leave them up and let me know. I'll be able to go to your blog and see how close my color match is and how much I need to adjust.

Instructions for adding your award:
1. Right click on your award and save the picture
2. In Blogger Layout... Add an element.
** Add a picture
3. Upload the picture (I don't think they need shrunk b/c they're designed for the sidebar)
4. Before you Save the picture, add my link into the link box
5. Save & position on your layout :)

This should make it so clicking the picture links back to my site.
This is a generic award. I have plans to make "special" awards later. Maybe you'll visit more often if I PIMP myself out better. But it's been a hectic week so we'll see how the weekend goes!!


Farmer*swife said...

Okay. We are up at my place. And, I didn't pimp you. Nope. Not a lick. I mean, I might have left a link there cuz' the award came from you and all?

And, mine was made color coded, and fashionable? Just for my page?

But, I told them all. They can't expect to just pop in here, share a comment, and get an award.

Though, they might try. AND, it IS your blog So you do want you want.

I just wanted you to know "My award' is up at my place and "I totally didn't pimp you...."



Anonymous said...

ok mine's up.. but I can't pimp you.. they just arrested a pimp here and I don't think I would do well in prison... but..I did put the link up.. and it works..

Thanks baby...

Mom mie

tt said...

Farmer*s wife sooo pimped you out. it took me forever to find you cuz her links aren't working...could me my fault I guess...anywhoodle....I'm gonna read a bit and see what's going on.
btw--i soooo love fairytales ;)

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