Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Start of a Crappy Day

So this fabulous Tuesday should have started off wonderfully. Prince Charming had the night off so I should have gotten a good night's sleep. Instead... damn RLS had me tossing and turning until 4 AM. Along with a back ache, a head ache, and heart burn. I was just about to doze off in the wee early hours when Prince Charming started shifting in his sleep. Every time I'd get comfortable and hear the calls of dreamland, he'd shift and pull the blanket one inch too far. I have a super sensitive butt (I know that sounds bad) and the slightest draft is unacceptable. So I finally grabbed the afghan off the couch, took a couple of TUMS and settled in.

Despite that, I feel rather okay this morning. I made it to work on time and assessed the schedule. It should be a boring day since half of our students are gone on a field trip or general no-shows. HOWEVER... my favorite student is gone. That's right... I have a FAVORITE!! I promise, they still all get treated the same... it's just hard not to love this kid. Always has their work done and wanting more. Doesn't waste time or goof off in class. A generally good kid (though I like to think all my kids are good kids). Unfortunately, the kid got the short end of the stick when it came to foster care. Disgusted with the system doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this situation. Apparently, last night they'd had enough and shipped her out. Granted, things happen at home that teachers are never priviledged to and kids act different in different environments, but you will NEVER convince me that this was a "bad kid". The experts can tell me I'm niave or that I got suckered into some ploy, but I'm not buying it!! If the good inside this kid was all just an act, it was damn consistant and geniune. BULLLLLLSHHHIIIITTT!! But hopefully, they'll find a better home for this kid. And I hope that all the love and caring is given to them that they deserve, because if someone will take the time to nurture the right things in this one, amazing things will happen!

That being said, I'm going to try to sit back and think about what it would be like to be QUEEN!! Stay tuned for more on that one!


Farmer*swife said...

Awwwwww. I was a good kid in school. I was her and you would have loved me. School was my ticket to where I am and out of the piehole I grew up in.

My Mama was too young and didn't have the greatest of examples? I guess. And, hard headed.

It's all good now though. I'm happy with my family in my castle and doing my best to help the Mama along too. She's pretty beat up.

I hope that little Gal finds someone to love her and keep her.

Oh, your night sounds like a whole lot of mine. Except the heart burn. That's only occasional when I've been up all night.

Oh, OK. So the same.

Hope it gets better!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this news makes me happy or sad..

Had these foster parents had enough of the child.. or enough of the authorities digging around? I'm just saying.... We've had parents ship their kids back.. then.. the authorities kept digging..and found out it WASN'T the kid that had a serious problem..

Everyone is so desperate for foster parents that I don't feel they are checked out enough.. I'm just saying.. that is what happens here in Nebraska..

tt said...

you're a teacher??? that so rocks!! my sisterlittle teaches 8th grade and LOVES it!
I hate the fostercare system....it's so broken I doubt it will ever be fixed. shame!

and you have RLS??? Me too!! ta-dah....Requip works for me fairly well. have you tried it??? Put on your 'Queen for a day' tiara and go get some...:)

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