Sunday, October 5, 2008

I need someone braver than me!!

Looking through Mr. Lady's recipe entries (see previous post b/c I'm too lazy to recopy the link) I stumbled upon THIS.

And all I could say was OH MY GOD!!! Seriously... you see that ingredient?

That's right... while I totally trust that she would not feed something totally disgusting over and over again... and then share the recipe. I do not know her. For all I know, this is her sick idea of a mass blog-reader joke. Maybe she was left a mean comment and now she's sitting at her desk in depends just waiting for that person to view the recipe and try it. Maybe, she's secretly snickering throughout her days and wringing he hands in excitement just waiting for someone to scream "AHHHHHH!!!!" Maybe this is her little drop of sunshine on a really crappy day. I can't say for sure because I just stumbled upon her today.

So seriously, someone with a stronger stomach than me needs to go try this recipe. Then come back to tell me if it's real... or a hoax. That's right... YOU, dear reader, just became the guinea pig. Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

WE have a lot of acres to hide it if it's bad,,and we'll never tell her.. we'll keep that a secret if it's bad..

'I've started making stuff and freezing it for Michigan, so I'll try it this coming week

Veronica said...

Farmer*swife said...

Did you make this yet? I'm waitin' on your review!

Anonymous said...

I have not been to town to buy the odd ingredient... and it's not something I keep on hand.. I make a point of not stocking an item that I'm not sure what it is made of... I have the fear of finding out that something I really like is made out of bird brains... or something.. so you will have to wait..

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

bird brains? That's a possiblity... it certainly isn't in the DAIRY section!

Catherine said...

It's not a hoax. I swear. I'm not the organized to create an Internet hoax :)

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