Saturday, October 11, 2008

See that bullshit?

<--------------------- Yeah, look over there!!

That's right... The Bloggerville Gremlins have escaped and they ate my blog rolls!! That's fucking right!! They ATE THEM!!

I'm buying a fucking gun... then... I'm going to step out on the castle lawn and shoot the fucking loch ness monster living in my moat because clearly it isn't doing it's job!! Slacker anyway!!

So... if anyone has a good gremlin eating monster they'd like to get rid of, I'm in desperate need on one. And while I WILL take the time to go back through all my comments to add you all back into my blogrolls... if you have an urge to make my life easier you could leave me a NEW comment. (Right, I deleted all my links just so I could pimp some comments out of you... NOT!!)

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons... for you are CRUNCHY and TASTE good with ketchup!!

That's just how I feel after this discovery. And yes, I'd settle for a dragon... if you have one lying around taking up space, let me know!!


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of your's on mine.. I can help you out..






whiskey in my sippy cup:

who else did you have.. let me know..I'll grab links for you.. I"m bored out of my brains.. got up early for hunters,,, and it's freaking raining..

Farmer*swife said...

ME! ME! ME! I'm an awesome blog follower! And, on the side? I'm an awesome [type A, OCD] parent and Mama!!

Yeah! You TOTALLY want me on your blog roll. Totally! totally..

[What? You question? But, you are on mine? And, your Mama is too]

Happy Saturday!

[side note: Those are the same bleepin' gremlins that mess my house all up while I'm at church!!! I despise those sons of bleaches! FYI, if you shoot? The bullets must contain bleach!]

Farmer*swife said...

Awww. I just saw your sweet Mommie listed me....Y'all so rock.

Oh, and living in my castle myself? I so love your fairy tale theme!

Anonymous said...

um,, hello.. a lot of you would be on my blogroll, if... I didn't like,, have a computer that was 200 years old,, and internet that was iffy... so I could open more than one screen at a time... so just hold on to your britches... you will all get there when I get to Kansas and SHE helps me... SEE TODAY'S BLOG...

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