Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mass Comment Response

So... I've had so many new visitors this month, I thought I needed to devote an entire post just to them. I'm pretty good about making sure to add my commenters to the blog roll. And I try really hard to go back and leave a comment... but things don't always work out as planned. So I've gone through them all and I'm going to cover my bases here.

Of course my top commenter is always the Queen. It's just because she knows how genetically fabulous I am. Not to mention how many of my father's genes I've had to overcome!!!

HOWEVER... I must say, with her quick responses, I do believe that Farmer*s Wife is sweeping in for a hostile takeover for the lead. She's vicious and selfish like that. And frankly, one of these two goof balls really needs to teach me how to do the strike through thing because I would SOOOO use it bunches!!

And now... in no particular order...

  • Mr. Lady - Hope you tried the meatloaf... it's well worth it!
  • Veronica - I miss you but I'm too lazy to get on a forum... come visit my castle!!
  • Catherine - Sure... it's not a hoax? Right... I'm still waiting for the brave one's to try it for me!
  • Chris - CONGRATULATIONS!! You'll make an AWESOME grandma!! And Grandma's are sexy in this day and age!!
  • TT - Yes dear, I teach... therefore I drink! As for the RLS, going to talk to Doc about it on the 4th b/c it's been really bugging me (at least hat's what I think it is)
  • ff - Flipping Fabulous!! That should be your new username!
  • Granny Nanny - Thanks for the cookies!
  • Kelly Dawn - Seriously, keep the whole wasting time at work thing a secret... they'll ban me!
  • J... - Yeah, I can't figure out why th Sorority girls always looked at us funny. It's not like we were running down the halls quoting random movies or lyrics. Should have seen the look on my RN's face when I answered the door in full clad gothic makeup. Priceless!!
  • ria - Your blog is just the cuteness!
  • Celtic Buffy - CLOWNS R SCARY!! Totally forbidden in my house!!
  • Dana - Thanks a million!!
  • Corky - Of course I'm up late... it's called insomnia. I'll mail you a calculator for Christmas ;)

And this successfully revealed that I'd forgotten to add Kelly & Catherine to the blog roll... my super duper appologies... I believe it is now fixed.


Princess Ogre Child is demanding that it is now bedtime!! We'll see how long this process takes!!


Farmer*swife said...

Me! I'm First! [The Queen might beat me.]

Farmer*swife said...

OK. Now I can really comment! LOL! I hate it when you think you are the first comment and then when you post it? You find out you took too long and are second.

So, all the whit was wasted cuz' it doesn't make sense to say, "Whoo-Hoooo! I'm #1" when you are actually #2.

OK. I need a shower. And, then we are off for some brunch and to teach the CCD munchkins!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

OK my dearest dearest daughter. I believe miss baby is zapping your brain cells since you are the one that taught me the whole strike through thing.. but I'll help you out..

It's just like the bold and italic;;

strike.... inside these < > start the strike through

and /strike between these < > ends your strike..

you must space before and after these < > in order to make your sentence look correct..

and ....DAMN IT FARMER'S..I take two nights off in a row and sleep.. and you kick my ass in the comment dept..



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