Saturday, November 15, 2008

Suggestion Saturday

Last week's Suggestions Saturday was somewhat of a hit. In other words, those of you who did it completed your assignments while complaining less than my students do seemed to enjoy it.

So let's send out the bloggie report cards (sorry, you don't get the benefit of confidentiality).
  • Chris - was excused and get's an extension on her assignment due to family circumstances. Please send her love and prayers.
  • F*W - A+ for completing her Gremlin assignment with minimal complaints
  • J... - A+ and BONUS points for completing both her own assignment, but also completing the happiness assignment.
  • Kelly Dawn - B because while she did not complete the Happiness Lesson, she did do Thankful Thursday which is along the same lines and deserves to be mentioned.
  • T.T. - A+ for completing the Happiness Lesson.
  • Baseball Mom - A+ for completing the Happiness Lesson.
  • The Queen - A for completing the Happiness Lesson (in an incomplete form).
  • kcinnova - F*W - The Queen & T.T. All get BONUS points for sending good wishes to Tink who just got married!!
  • Fairy Flutters & Prohomaker - both have D- for failure to complete their assignments!! Goofy fools probably broke into F*W's wine cellar and drank 'til they forgot!! But being the generous person I am, I'll give them another chance to sober up before I totally fail them :)

Now for this weeks assignments:

  • Chris - Fairy Flutters & Prohomaker are to complete last week's assignment.
  • F*W - Since she whined, complained, wimpered, b!#@&ed, suggested that she was great with the recipes, I think she needs to give me something really tasty. Of course it's not that easy because I'm kitchen-challenged. Therefor, it must have minimal ingrediants and require minimal time. I'm all about things like Easy Peasy Meatloaf. Remember, I barely know what that box with the burny things is for... so keep it simple!
  • J... - Is doing a wonderful thing with her kiddo's. So I want to hear how the Care Package Project is coming along!!
  • Kelly Dawn - is off to hit the bargain yard sales. I'm a total sale junky so I want to hear about any deals she stumbled on today or her best finds yard saling in the past. Bonus for pictures that make us jealous!!
  • T.T. is on "vacation" so I'm giving her a really easy assignment that doesn't require blogging. Her job is to spend some quality time with Lovee and leave a comment.
  • The Queen has been busy busy. Do to extinuating circumstances, she is absent from class and is excused from assignments until further notice.
  • Baseball Mom is new and I don't know her very well, so I'll let her have her pick. She can either tell us what fun things she has done with the young 'ens or a humorous story about trying to deal with medical conditions or doctors.
  • Everyone else can post a funny story or joke. WARNING: Participation will mean you are included in next weeks assignment!!


That being said, I feel a need to complete some assignments from my own bloggies. So stay tuned for those!


Kelly Dawn said...

oh i SO will be completing my assignment after I clean my messy house :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I know the rules.. I need a doctor's note.. to be excused.. so here it is..

Dear Miss Princess.
Please excuse the Queen from class because at some point she must of had a dumb ass attack during a drinking game,, and lost her hall pass. This caused her a great deal of emotional pain and we have slammed her in a rubber room until further notice..

Thank You...
Doctor Imnidiotforcaring...DVM

No ,, really.. it's his name.. he is a real doctor.. I wouldn't cheat and use a vet to forge my doctor's note...

Now,, I'm outa here... THE QUEEN

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