Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Suggestions (Part 2)

Okay... Here's the list of completed assignments for the week:

  • Chris wrote her "How To Spoil Your Grandson" and promised to do wonderful loving grandma things with him. It was late, but well worth the wait!!
  • Farmer*s Wife totally made me drool with recipes like Bacon Bread and Another Bacon Treat. I think I gained 15 pounds looking at these delicious morsels. Will definately be trying them out.
  • J... gave us the Postal Update on her Girl Scouts soldier project and I hope that deal works out wonderfully. It's such a great idea. I'm still looking for the perfect "badge" to award her on that one.
  • Kelly Dawn, as I said earlier this week, made me totally drool over her Garage Sale Steals. I've decided I don't hate the cold or the snow in winter, I hate the lack of garage sales!!
  • Baseball Mom fill us in on "Cooking With Catcher Dude" and reminded us that our kids really do listen to every word we say... even if we think they don't.
  • I have no doubt tt put in her quality family time since she became a Great Grammy this week!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

A+ to all of you for participating... YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!!

(The rest of you are bums! *wink grin*)

Speaking of bum... the remodel... yeah... haven't finished awards. I'll be sure to get right on that after I figure out what I want you all to do this week.

Keep it real!!


Farmer*swife said...

I just saw your WTF Wednesday! The pill box cracked me up! I never thought about that before -- Wed, Thurs, Fri, WTF!

Ha! HA! Ha! Out loud!

You rock!

Wait, did you say assignment?

The Queen said...


Anonymous said...


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