Monday, November 3, 2008

Screenshot this BITCH!!

I've thought this through for some time and yes, I feel the need to talk about it. HOWEVER, I'm not going to clutter any forums with such TRIVIAL bullshit!

  1. Both of my forums are being deleted. Unlike SOME people, I cannot just turn a blind eye when the shit starts to fly. I don't need drama in my life and I won't be the reason it is in the lives of those I love.
  2. Your MOTHER was NOT singled out to have their account deleted. EVERYONE'S ACCOUNTS WERE DELETED!!
  3. Offspring SUCKS ASS!
  4. Telling someone you called them "Chicken Shit-ish" and then saying "I would not say nasty things to someone about their mother" in the same paragraph makes you sound like a JACKASS!!
  5. If you're going to be a writing critic, I suggest having some credentials in the writing department. You say you don't play games, and yet you had to get this little DIG in. "I don't like you and your writing sucks." Well, frankly, the feeling is mutual and I really don't think she gives a flying horses ass whether or not you like her writing. But frankly, don't tell me you don't play games after I read that!
  6. I know exactly how long my Mother's blog post was up. I know exactly how many visitors viewed it in that time. My impression is that if you post a blog and in the short time it is up, someone immediately views and SCREENSHOTS it... you have a stalker. Because it wasn't up for very long!! And frankly, STALKERS are SCARY!! I don't care who they are!!
  7. Mom doesn't even know what cookies are.
  8. The picture you sent a link to is not even available!
  9. She definately doesn't know what a PROXY server is... even I had to look that one up!
  10. If it's just dumb shit you did when you were young, why are you so bent out of shape? There were no names, and it's gone now!! Had a STALKER not taken a screenshot... no one would ever have known.
  11. Since you didn't do what you said you were going to do, I can only assume you don't have the proof you say you do. I am certainly NOT convinced.
  12. She didn't forward or otherwise send these messages to me. As executor of her estate, I have all her passwords on file. When she said she was getting emails from you, I logged into her email account. Feel free to whine about it!!

And with that, I'm going to go play with my daughter!! Quit making an ASS out of yourself. The forum went to hell... it's gone... and yes, it is partly the fault of the people on YOUR forum, but not entirely. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

And as far as the person who sent you an email about supposed reasons for supposedly kicking someone off... They are full of shit (or you are) because the whole damn thing was shut down at once, with the exception of Admins/Mods. The forum will be completely deleted as soon as I find the time. I planned on doing it tonight, but was too busy reading the crap that was sent to my mother!


Anonymous said...

While you were looking things up.. you should have looked up

executor of her estate

it means after I die honey.. after I die.... which.. granted,, I've been trying to hork up a lung all afternoon from this cold..I've only horked up I'm still alive.... ha ha ha...I believe I did an entire blog on the difference between horking up a lung and horking up a loogie.... in a snow bank... but that would have been before my writing went down hill so bad... it's a shame what old age does to your talents... but my pole dancing is still at it's A game...just ask your DAD... TMI? Sorry...oh shut up.. you know you are ROTFLYFAO and spitting Dr. Pepper at the screen..

it's the meds.. really honey.. the meds..

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

ROTFLMAO... Spitting COKE on the screen!

Sunshine said...

I think I have missed some drama while I've been busy outside this little box.


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