Monday, November 3, 2008

Did I Shave My Legs for This?

In a follow up of my newest freebee I thought I'd let you all know how the whole razor issue came out.

So here's the razor
It's the new Venus Embrace razor with five blades.

And all I can say is...




This is by far the best razor I have ever used. I could barely feel it as it slid over my legs... and trust me, I'm all about the smooth, take-the-first-layer-of-skin-off-your-legs shave!

Did I mention that by the time I get around to shaving, it often calls for a chainsaw? Or that when I'm finished clearing my saskwatch body of hair, it looks like I shaved a small dog in my bathtub?

That being said (I'll deny it if you mention it when I'm running for president!) this razor really tackled the job like a champ!!

I will definately recommend it to anyone. I have some $4 coupons for it I'm going to give to my RL friends. But don't fret... I'm not leaving my bloggie friends out of the loop on this one.

CLICK HERE to get your own $2 off coupon for this fabulous razor!

I know it's winter, but seriously, tackle those legs girl. You'll sleep better without the feel of steel wool in your bed everytime your legs brush each other... And not that we really care, but the guys will love it!!


Farmer*swife said...


I love soft, smooth, "baby skin" shaved legs. So, does DH [on me].

I hate how expensive razors have become! I think I have a free one coming via's site.

But, I *heart* a good coupon so I'll take that with me too!

Happy Tuesday! [VOTE DAY!]

Prohomemaker.Com said...

LOL on "!!!

Sounds like my name should be Super Fly or something like that!

I'm with both of you -- razors are *so* expensive. I really take advantage of any freebie I can find.

tt said...

I'm a bit on the OCD side when it comes to shaving my legs...seriously...what if I'm in a wreck...or fall and break my arms or legs...or my back goes out...I'd be at the hospital with ape legs and that SOOOOOOOOO wouldn't work in my world...forget about fixing me!!!!get me a razor!!!!

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