Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Suggestions UPDATE!!

Seems like the bloggies are on a roll! Here's the Saturday Suggestions that have been handed in already!!

  1. Kelly Dawn told us about her Garage Sale Deals. And even without pics I'm sooooo jealous! "Hi. My name is Princess and I'm a bargain junkie!!"
  2. J... has updated us on her Girl Scout's Care Packages by giving us the 4-1-1 on their field trip! That is so fabulous! I think she deserves a Girl Scout badge of some sort, I'll have to do some looking around.
  3. F*W gave a Faboulous Bread Recipe with 5 easy ingrediants. That so qualifies as Princess-Can-Cook-It material!! It looks delicious!!

For those of you who haven't completed your Saturday Suggestions, you have until the end of the week!! Keep up the awesome blogging!!


Farmer*swife said...


Baseball Mom said...

I will decide this evening which topic and write tonight. :P

Chris said...

Assignment is done. wooohooo! Have a great Monday honey. (((u)))

J... said...

I am loving the assignments! Thanks for letting me know what you want to read about! Makes it sooooo much easier on me!

Baseball Mom said...

Check. Completed.

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