Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Suggestion (Part 3)

Ok... here's you assignments for this week:
  • Chris - hmmm... this one's hard this week. I think she should write a post about what it's like to have a cyber family (sister, niece, etc.)... lol... is it cool? creepy? normal compared to her real life family? I'm curious... I've considered adopting cyber family members. I'm also considering the possiblility that the DNA Provider may have spawned cyber-children. Now there's a thought for you... anyway... I'm waiting for Chris's response on this before I confess to my cyber-friends that I think they may have been the result of Cyber-Conception!!
  • F*W - dang... bloggies are making it hard on me. Since she's confessed her love for "The Last Unicorn" which just so happens to have been one of my favorites as well. I think I'll call on her for a great childhood memory. Funny, sweet, exciting... doesn't matter. Just take a moment to step back in time. What were all your favorites? What's changed most? Whatever suits your fancy!
  • J... - ooh... Holiday blogging already? Okay... I'm game (frothing at the mouth for Christmas decorating, but restraining myself for tradition reasons). But I'll endulge in the spirit and ask... Do you have any unusual traditions at the holidays? If so tell us about them... but keep in mind if it's a super cool idea we've never thought of we just might steal it for our own family!! And just in case that doesn't work for you I'll give you an alternate... Christmas Tree Mishaps. Seriously... anyone who hunts for live trees has to have had one of those "uh oh" moments.
  • Kelly Dawn - After reading her kids-say-the-darndest-things post, I think she could give us all some advice on how to deal with evil mother-in-laws. Okay... maybe evil is too strong a word... just let us know how you kept from biting your tongue off.
  • Baseball Mom - Since she has a busy week ahead of her and is trying to get some gifts made... I'll make it easy. Tell about your best Thanksgiving or Christmas memory ever. What makes it special?... You know everyone loves a good heart-felt holiday tale this time of year!!

Alternative: If you're totally feeling like copping out on your assignment, you can do this one instead (it was hard coming up with them this week).

  • Very simply (or elaborate as much as you like)... what will you be 'Giving Thanks' for this holiday season? Whether your list is 1... or 100... it is that time of year.

You know... the one where we all remember that we were supposed to be thankful all year long. Then we overcompensate on gift giving according to how guilty we feel about those we neglected. And then we make a resolution vowing to be better people the next year. Follow that with material items to prove we love people even though we forgot to be thankful for them. Finish the whole mess up by getting so depressed that we pretend we're Irish and just get DRUNK!! Hopefully we sober up in time to hide those Easter Eggs... lol... wait... that may just be how people in my family do it... Hopefully yours isn't as messed up as mine!

Happy Blogging!! Have a Great Holiday!!!


Chris said...

ok, I will work on this one. (((u)))

Farmer*swife said...

I just read my assignment. Am I too late? Did I lose points?

Crap-diddly. I'll be back with this one though. I started a "Childhood Flashbacks" label on my blog but I haven't written for that topic lately.

Course, my child hood sucked? So, um. Anyhow! Oooh, I'll do high school or something! Things were better then 'cuz I was kinda' running my own show!


Farmer*swife said...

I'm up! Whew! Just in time before the due date! Hope I get an A! [I want a big, fat, red one with a + next to it!]

Happy Saturday!

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