Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Layout

See... I do listen to my readers. You see... I'm a big enough headache already... I don't want anyone getting a headache from looking at crazy bright pinks.

So three color schemes later, I came up with a background color that's a little easier on the eyes and still looks nice (at least to me)

I'm still not certain about the overall color scheme. I haven't had time to let the text colors sink in. So if you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know. Meanwhile, I'm going to go find some supper and sit back to enjoy some television for a couple of hours.

(promise... I'll get on the reading blogs things soon, I've just been busy!)


The Queen said...

I like it... ok I like everything you do... if I didn't like it.. I wouldn't tell you.. that is not what a good mom it?

No really I like it..

The Queen

Farmer*swife said...

I LOVE it! And, the little Unicorn in the background just melts me....

Though, I do have one teeeeny-weenie concern....where did MY window go. I promise not to grow corn in my room.

But, I did so love my castle balcony view -- and the wine was ever flowing. I promise to be a good castle guest. You won't hardly notice me....

Happy "It's almost my favorite day of the week!" Thursday!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Queen... I know... I'm gifted :) Must be in the genes

F*W... I didn't lose it. I don't have the copy here at home so I have to be at work to adjust the colors. I tried to improvise and do it here, but I hated it (it got all blurry). You'll get your window back, I just want to fix it for the layout.

Baseball Mom said...

Now that is a lot of pink. :-) It is cute.

tt said...

Now, if only the Queen would do some posting all would be right in my world.
And FW has her own room in the castle??? Huh???? And my room would be where???? Would there be sparkly stuff in my room??? Is there a yellow purse in the Queen's room??
Does everyone have their own room but me??????????????
Oh I've got to get a tissue for the leakage...{{snif}}

Farmer*swife said...

Well, since my room is in renovation? Can I have a spot on your blog roll? :-)

I'm all needy that way.

YAY! My FWFD!!!!

Chris said...

I like it too. Looks fantastic honey.

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