Monday, November 10, 2008

Suggestion Saturday!!

You know what... it's hard coming up with something to post about sometimes. So I thought I'd spice up things with a little contest. I'll go through my blogroll and make a suggestion for some of you to post about! Anyone who posts about their suggested topic in the next week will get an award!!

  • Chris - Since darling Aunt Chris will soon be a Grandma (and it's finally sinking in) I think she should post a "How To Spoil Your Grandson" post.
  • F*W is having Gremlin problems. So... since I have no doubt she's a miracle worker when it comes to the Susy Homemaker crap... I want a "How To Wrangle the Gremlins Without Breaking a Sweat" post.
  • Fairy Flutters is home alone while the MAN is out bringing home the bacon... I should say venison. And since we might be getting ourselves some tasty Bambi this year, I'm requestion "Venison Recipes" from FF. (No need to get fancy, I'm Kitchen-Challenged Dear!!)
  • J... darling is snowed in and her plans have all gone to the dogs. So, with winter creeping up on all of us, I think she should be the first to provide us with a few "Snowy Day Activities" to entertain us and get us through the Winter Blues.
  • Prohomaker - I actually know what I want from this one and it's solely based on personal selfishness! I've been trying to put together a chore schedule. One that amounts to a few daily chores and rotating some major household chores. Busy Mom's cannot come home and spend the entire evening cleaning. So please!! Enlighten us!!
  • And not to leave anyone out. Kelly Dawn, The Queen, and some others (T.T.) are just having some general stress in their lives. So I'm going to pull out the old "Happiness Lessons" from my English class. You assignment is to list the following: a) 5 Things I'm Grateful I'm NOT... b) 5 Things I'm Thankful I Am... c) 5 Things I Will Do To Make Someone Else Happy This Week... and most importantly d) 5 Things I Will Do To Make ME Happy This Week!! (FYI: When I do this exercise with students it's almost an instant mood booster and we all need a little "pick me up" from time to time.)
  • And for all of you who didn't get named in person, try the Happiness Lesson because it's worth it!!

Let me know if and when you complete your assignment and I'll link this post to your completed project!! (Plus I'll bump the post so everyone knows you did it!!) Awards will be posted at the end of the week.


And on a side note, there is a blogger who cannot accept an assignment at this time... Why?


So you all need to go give the lovely Bride a bunch of hugs and love!!



tt said...

Challenge accepted!
I'm off to do it...:)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, well as soon as I can find a good one I will post a venison recipe.

Right now I'm just planning on using it like I use beef - for chili, soups, stews, roasts, etc. :) Simple simple!

Farmer*swife said...

No FAIR! I got the hard assignment! I'm all the happy and I can cook venison with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my apron.

I can clean up in a heart beat after the Gremlin messes, but "wrangle them" without breaking a sweat?

I want a re-call. Or a re-draw...

OK. I'll play. I'm mentally exhausted. What's the deadline again? I got one turned in and I have one more to finish up in the next week for a fab opportunity. [ie: 2nd article of the month for R&S e-zine].

But, I'll put in Wranglin' the Gremlins as well...though, there might be a slight glow or perspiration involved.

Happy G'night Saturday!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Message received ... I will post an overview within the week on a "chore schedule." I call it more taking care of the house, but it all works out to 30 mins a day :-)

Anonymous said...

good morning

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful concept, and you have a very lovely site.

Chris said...

I accept the challenge and will start on it tomorrow. I need to watch football & the race wheeeeeeee.

J... said...

Challenge complete! Thanks for the idea on what to write today! Let me know if you ever have another suggestion! That was kinda fun! :)

Farmer*swife said...

I'm up! I wrestled and I'm up!

Farmer*swife said...

oh, maybe you didn't catch that. Or maybe, I popped in too late? [I hate it when people do that....]

Kay. I'll leave quietly as everyone seems to be sleeping soundly.

Well, except the Gremlins. Did you De-Gremlin, today?


Happy New Week!

Baseball Mom said...

For the fun of it, and I need some fun and smiles. *S* I took your challenge.

Happy Monday!!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok dammit...I got Tantrum Tuesday going on right this second...but I will do when I am not in such a pissy mood :) at my job that I like :)


Kelly Dawn

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