Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Okay... try this one on for size

I can only assume that you goofballs were either scared off by my dirty underwear laying around, or the thought that I might be sitting around my blog naked.
Or... you just didn't want to tell me you couldn't read that shit!!
So anyway, I've changed the look once again. I promise... eventually I'll find something I like (I'm not sure this is it either). But I couldn't resist showing off my new drawing. About an hours worth of drawing and another hour to scan/modify/fit to layout.
Not too bad for just a quick sketch up (if I do say so myself).
Better than that... now you can read the stinking thing... and there are no bras hanging from the back of the chair. So have a seat and enjoy the rest of the week.


Granny Nanny said...

I am waiting for the purples and lavenders, my favorite colors. Once again, nice work!

My Outside Voice said...

I like it.. but I like the other one better. This one is much easier to read though...

Course, I'm De Mom Mie.. so I like whatever you do..

Mom Mie

J... said...

I liked them both but this is easier to read. Good job on the drawing.

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