Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Way Day (Feb 17th)

That's right... I called it... no stealing it!! Today is MY WAY DAY!! So here's how it's going to be!!
  1. I want a cheeseburger... with everything... and big, fat, potatoey, crinkle fries! (yes, it's 11:34 and hunger is priority #1... please deliver it!)
  2. I want to go home to a clean house! (get off your bloggie butts and go clean it please)
  3. I want a raise! (Oh hush... if you all pool your money you can afford it!)
  4. I want free babysitting! (You know you want her to shred your mail and plant donut seeds in your carpet!)
  5. I want people around me to smile even if their days sucks! (Because frankly, I don't need your snide crap just because you're in a pissy mood!)
  6. I want everyone to leave me a comment (because I will so come harrass your blog if you don't!)
  7. I want a winning lottery ticket! (I don't mean one of those 'free ticket' numbers either!... but I'm not greedy, I'd settle for 4 or 5 digits!)
  8. I want someone to file my papers for me. (All of them... neatly... today!)
  9. I want a personal hair-stylist! (I'm having a perpetual bad hair life!)
  10. I want to never have to shave my legs again. (I don't care if someone comes over and shaves them for me, or if you pool your money for electrolosis... just figure something out!)

So... that's the basics of MY WAY DAY!!

I suppose, if YOUR WAY does NOT interfere with MY WAY then you too can celebrate MY WAY DAY!! (i.e. You cannot be excused from commenting because that violates my right to a comment!)

However, I will not accept anyone stepping on MY WAY DAY toes! I'm wearing steel-toes and I certainly don't think I'm being unreasonable!


Baseball Mom said...

Well I am more than happy to help you out with #6.

The rest .. well have a happy my way day tuesday!!

Chris said...

hope you get all you want & more honey

The Queen said...

I'll comment,, I'll babysit..I'll pitch in the 40 cents the carpet vac just gave me,,, but the rest is up to someone else...

Farmer*swife said...

I can file, do laundry, clean house, make a fabulous cheeseburger and great fries (baked by the way), I can smile all day, I can buy you a lottery ticket but I can;t guarantee you'll win...


Melodieann said...

I always thought the world would be a better place if everyone just did things My Way! Didn't know there was an official day to make them do that. I'll share it with you! Half the people get to do it your way. The rest are mine!

Anonymous said...


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