Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello Three AM

Well, it's good to see you again. How long has it been? Just a few days... Wow! Sure seems like longer! Oh, that's right. I forgot about the whole "Electrical Company parked outside my window all night to do me the COURTESY of restoring my power!". When was that? Wednesday night I believe...

So what do we owe the honor tonight? Is it the Ogre Child? No, she's passed out on the floor. General insomnia? Nope. Pretty sure I'd pass out if my head hit the pillow.

Tonight... tonight I am up out of my sole devotion to my bloggies. Why you ask, am I up for YOU?!?!

Well, as you can see, I have designed a new layout. And I must say I am totally in love with it. Though if you'd seen the 2 column layout, you'd think this one sucks. But I'm not letting you see that one (muahahaha) Besides, who in their right mind can keep all their stuff on 2 columns? Oh... you can... well, I'm too much of a clutter bug for two columns. Unfortunately, (much like my living space) the more space I create, the more space I fill with junk!

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, 3 AM and my eternal devotion to you. I love you so much that I simply cannot go to bed until I am satisfied that everything here looks nice, neat, and most importantly READABLE! It's the READABLE part I'm falling a little short on. I never guessed that tan and orange would be hard to match text to. But I think I have it close. (feel free to complain)

I'm open to suggestions on this one. What parts do you like (love having my ego pumped) and what parts do you hate (oh, c'mon, you can tell me). I mean YOU are the ones who have to read it. I need to know if you're happy or not.

Did you ever realize that having a blog is like having the threat of unexpected company looming over you constantly. Shit!! Where are the dirty underwear? Someone hide the BONG!! When's the last time I cleaned the toilet? It's stressful!!

I know you're thinking "like we care". Nothing really phases you people. *knock knock* "Hold on, I have no pants on!"... "That's okay, I don't mind!" (enter bloggie) -- BTW, my friend actually did that to me!

But here I sit all sorts of nervous trying to cover my naked legs with the nearest pillow wondering if these underwear have any holes in them!

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, so if it's not PERFECT, you're just going to have to be brazen enough to throw that bra across the room before you have a seat.


p.s. My little princess icon got a makeover so she could squeeze into the bottom right of the layout. Couldn't leave the poor girl behind.


My Outside Voice said...

Yeppers,, I'm still up too..and I see FARMER'S WIFE is night owling with us.. she was here just ahead of me..

I love it.. I patched mine because I couldn't leave it non I have a streak and a lop sided button.. other than that.. I got one done...and I dedicated it to you...

loves and hugs..

Mom Mie

Glad I don't have to face a room full of students tomorrow....

really glad I don't have you for a teacher tomorrow...

My Outside Voice said...

I just noticed your little promotion for your designs up there in the top left hand corner.. Does this mean you are going to start charging me for my stuff? Crap.. excuse me while I go beat some cash out of the right back.--

ok.. I'm good.. got some money... charge away daughter.. I've got it covered..

Granny Nanny said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one awake at 3 am this morning! I was busy tossing and turning TRYING to sleep. Damn sirens anyway!
Oh yea, Love the artistic ability to change your layouts and love the colors!

My Outside Voice said...

hey there,, no not you.. the one with the tiara there behind you.. yea you Princess..

What the hell is that drop down box under all your posts?

AND..HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTER SINCE THE PROBLEM ISN'T A FUTURE GRANDCHILD.. if it was.. I'd just tell you to keep on being sick for the next 9 months... but since it's not..hope you feel better..

The Queen..

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