Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Got tagged

I got tagged for a meme. No surprise that it was the Queen herself! As if torturing me for twenty-nine years is not enough, she harasses me in blogland too!!

So here's the deal:
"Your ship has sunk. You have, of course, been stranded on a
deserted island. You have salvaged a copy of the King James Version of the Bible
and a copy of the complete works of Shakespeare. Nothing else.
“The very next day you find one of those Arabian Lamps in the
sand. Of course, you rub it and, of course, a rather grumpy Genie appears.
“‘Let’s get this straight - there is a recession going on. There
are restrictions on the three wishes now. I don’t do water or air transport now
so no boats, planes or magic carpets. As for electronics, forget it. There isn’t
the infrastructure on this island.
“‘I can let you have one book and I mean one VOLUME, one
essential item and one luxury item. Now hurry up and make your choices, I have
to get to those five other islands you are going nominate.
Too practical for you? Sorry, but even though I'm a born farm girl, I must confess that I am very ANTI-BUG, ANTI-SPIDER, ANTI-CREEPY and ANTI-ICKY! Therefore, I will definately be in need of some really good tips on how to create a BUG-FREE, SPIDER-FREE, UNCREEPY, DE-ICKYFIED bungalo in which to relax and enjoy my unplanned vacation.

MY ESSENTIAL... a lifetime supply of B-12

Yes, MORE PRACTICAL!! Why? Two very good reasons.

  • The first being that my body requires at least 1000 micrograms daily of this stuff to function. And frankly, that's the equivilant of like 2 tons of dead animal per day. While I am definately NOT against the eating of lesser beings, I am against exterminating all other living creatures on my island within the first week. I am also against eating myself into a ginormous monster who dies of cardiac arrest.
  • Secondly, without this vitamin I turn into a shaky, babbling idiot and will eventually progress into varying forms of dementia. Right... just what this peaceful island needs. Some chick who looks like she just stepped out of THE RING, shakily stumbling around the beach licking the coconut trees and chasing invisible bats! This is definately my ESSENTIAL!

And lastly... My LUXURY:

What good is being able to survive and remain undemented if you don't have a nice place to sit back and relax? And if you think this PRINCESS will be hunting down enough lice-ridden SKY RATS to stuff this thing, you need the B-12 worse than me.
That being said, I tag the following (this is hard because Mom steals all my friends!):
  • Cassey - because she needs something to blog about other than her job and I'm all about helping a girl out!!
  • Celtic Buffy - because paycuts suck and frankly I think we could all use a deserted island these days.
  • Baseball Mom - because she's stuck with her layout for the time being. Nothing says makeover like a lobster sunburn and sand in your butt.
  • Granny Nanny - because she's had a week off and she always comments. Maybe I can spark her interest!
  • YOUR NAME HERE... because obviously I don't have enough non-stolen friends. So if you are a friend who has not been corrupted by the EVIL QUEEN... let me know... I need a pick me up!! :)


Farmer*swife said...

Thanks for not tagging me; I don't have the time to play along -- I'm barely able to blog, keep house, research articles, hang out at Grow Together, Twitter, and read some blogs (Oh, and hang out in PRNewswire waiting for new product releases so I can try and get more review items for R&S)....

Yada-Yada! Happy Thursday, Gal!

The Queen said...

ha ha.. sorry "Roxy".. didn't mean to steal your friends and make you feel bad..

Cassey said...

AWWWW!!!!! You tagged me!!!!! How sweet!!!!! Now I have something to blog about other than what a horrible old bitty my boss is!!!! WHoo hoo!!!!! Thanks, girl!!!!

J... said...

Me. I am your number five. I like this meme a lot. And I think I already know my answers! Go check me out. Well as soon as I get it up that is!!!

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