Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Giveaways!

Lets continue the fabulous search!!
  • Katydid and Kid has a giveaway for some books from Barefoot Books. -- Deadline is Feb 15th
  • Cute Like Me is giving away two adorable "scrabble necklaces" and I SOOOO want the red carnation! -- Deadline is Feb 13th
  • Back to Nurse Mommy again to try for a Medibag4Kids. -- Deadline Feb 17th
  • And because I'm a major HOG... I turned around and went to Ladybug Soup and entered to win the same Medibag4Kids kit -- Deadline is Feb 13th
  • OMG!!! Funky Monkey is giving away an awesome blanket from From Scratch Designs!! I looked throught their stuff... that is a cool store... so jealous because I so need a $300 pair of pajamas... that's all I ever wear... I'd definately get my money's worth!
  • Over at Carpe Libris Reviews I signed up for an Italian Leather Journal from Journal Shelf! -- Deadline Feb 15th
  • Home with Books is giving away some wonderful books (4 to be exact) and I want the Dracula Dossier because I'm a total vamp addict! (Yeah, when other little girls dreamed of being a princess, I kinda wanted to be a vampire!)
  • Over at Book Dads, I signed up for the book Ralphina, the Rolly Polly because we all know the Ogre Child loves her books (even if all she does is eat the pages!)
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE!! At Mudpies and Mary Janes the giveaway is a Keurig Platinum Brewing Station!! Oh yes!! You've gotta check this one out!!
  • At dk Mommy Spot the giveaway is for an Excalibur Dehydrator!! AWESOME!! -- Deadline Feb 16th
  • On the Dot Creations is giving away a wonderful little set of candles/cards from Deedee's Cards! -- Deadline Feb 15th
  • Over at Preppy Mama I figured Ogre Child could use some new sippy's from The Safe Sippy -- Deadline Feb 13th

Don't forget to check out the Mom Giveaways website for yourself because as wonderful as I am, you may be delusioned enough to want something I thought wasn't cool! I can't help it if you have no taste... lol... just kidding, there are great things there, but some of the things are so NOT me that I felt no need to waste my time, or steal a freebie from someone who would LOVE it!

Happy hunting everyone!! Don't forget to let me know if you win something because I'll be totally stoked for you!!

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