Friday, April 24, 2009

An Important Announcement

Dear Bloggie,

While we at the offices of Blog and Blog Some More are happy to provide you with endless amounts of entertainment and humor, it has come to our attention that desktop computers are not portable we will be forced to shut down this service temporarily.

Unfortunately, this is an unforseeable incident, as no one knew that people in my family still valued the sanctity of marriage that we would be unable to service this blog for a couple of days.

We hope that you as valued readers will continue to check in over the course of the next 48 hours and make your usual smart assed remarks contributions.

Service to this blog should be restored on Monday if our technicians sober up by then

Thank you for your valued time and have a wonderful weekend!!


P.S. In case that was too cryptic for you... My cousin, Horse Before the Cart (aka More Like a Sister to Me than Anyone Else) is getting married on Saturday to a wonderful man (and his daughter). P.C. and I will happily make the rest of the family uncomfortable by our presence be attending and wishing her all the best because she's the only one of us that turned out halfway decent WE LOVE HER!!


Life with Kaishon said...

I saw a comment you left somewhere and I thought your blog name was so clever I came over to say hi : ). I hope the wedding was fantastic!

The Queen said...

Please excuse the offices of REAL LIFE FAIRY PRINCESS.. being closed for so long.. I sent her home with a very sick little Ogre Child.. who... in her mighty Ogreness.. gave it to her Mommy... plus...

We discovered in order for the Princess to tolerate being in the same room as her ex family.. she must drink up most of next months rent money,, prior to entering their domain... but.. with that much booze in her,, I'm happy to report..she was not hauled off to jail for insult and battlefry... Prince Charming has now returned her to her castle and is in the process of nursing her back to health.. she will return to blogland when both the Ogre flu..and the brown bottle flu... have left her system..

We are sorry for any problems this unforeseen mishap has caused you..

I'm sure ,, when and if her memory returns from her night of drinking and dancing... she will have a wonderful tale to tell.. in her own..PRINCESS style..

THE TRUTH IS our Princess is a booze swilling hound... but that's pry not what she will tell you..

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