Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day at the Circus!

No! I did NOT visit my relatives! We really DID go to the circus!

So, the very first thing was the juggler! 15-years old and he was awesome! But I kept wondering how many broken lamps I'd have when P.C. tried to do some of those tricks in my livingroom!

Next, was the trapeze girl (age10)! Hanging upside down doing tricks from a hoop to the song... you'll never believe this... "Barbie girl!" My pedaphile alarm went on full alert as I search the stands for creepy guys sitting alone without children! GROSS!! Great act... but GROSS!! For those of you scratching your heads... google "Barbie Girl lyrics" and you'll totally understand why I puked!

I was a bit concerned about the clown issue because (if you don't already know) I'm terrified of them. But in all honesty, I think he was 12 and I've see Rodeo clowns with better acts.

The chick (16?) hanging from the ribbon was really awesome if you disregard the fact that she's weighed 12 pounds soaking wet and did a mid-air split that made my crotch scream in pain!

Swing jumpers... yawn!

Hula hoop chick... oh yes... that was a hoola hoop... on her foot... above her head!!

Fire eaters were awesome!

Floor acrobats? pssh... watch gymnastics!

Magician was cool!

Sponge Bob Square Pants running out to the theme song and then leaving... O... M... G... It's a CULT of little singing children!! SCARY!!

Chinese dragon/dog costumes (2 people in each) doing tricks on a platform and a giant ball? AWESOME!! Why? Because seeing four people climp on a ball and roll it over a teeter totter is cool enough, but seeing them do the trick while dressed in giant dog costumes... AWESOME!

All in all we had a great time... but one question seriously plagues me...
"Who inforces the child labor laws?"
SERIOUS!! I think there were 3 adults in the circus! They claimed it was "The Perez Family" but... um... lets just say that Mr. Perez did not "father" those sorority-clone blond haired, fair-skinned, girls!
And someone please tell me why the fiber-optic glow stick was $12 dollars (needless to say we settled for a $2 blow up dolphin)? And why P.C. paid $2 for a 12 ounce can of soda? P.C. (aka The Human Calculator) said he was counting up estimated profits off the products he could see being sold ($2 for a balloon!) and he stopped counting at $10,000.
Hope you all had a wonderful day!!


The Queen said...

So did Ogre Child love it. or did you leave her home?

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Oh...yeah!! i was hoping you'd forgotten about her since the circus offered us such a good price!!

She had a good time. She clapped every time the floor acrobats went through their hoops. She really liked kicking the people in front of us. She pigged out on cotton candy. And she LOVED the doggies at the end!!

Matter of fact, she was starting to get tired and cranky, but when I got her to stop and look to see there were giant red doggies... She watched the rest of the circus happily! "Doggies!!" Does it every time!!

Now if you will please forgive me... today, I figured the area of polygons from 8:15 to 2:45...

Also, I suddenly grew a hole in my lip and dribbled... so I grabbed what I thought was my tank top off the floor to wipe my mouth only to find out that it was P.C. boxers!!! Thankfully clean ones... but still... I just wiped my mouth with my man's underwear!!

It's been a LONG DAY!

Farmer*swife said...

Yay! How fun for y'all! And, yes, they make a killing on all the little stupid prizes and toys.

Drives me nutty! The ribbon girl thing is cool!

[Side note: I totally dislike 'Spongebob.']

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