Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy After Easter!!

According to the package... The proper serving size of these is 12 pieces. Each bag contains about 9 servings. Each serving contains 180 calories.

By my calculations, I CAN eat an entire bag of these!! I will only be consuming 1620 calories (the daily recommendation is 2000 right?)

I will only be getting three times my recommended Saturated Fats, 36% of my sodium, 72% of my carbs. Plus... there's no risk in overdosing on healthy vitamins like Calcium or Iron!!

As a bonus, I'll be getting ZERO cholesterol, 36% of my dietary fiber and 36 grams of protein... which in my book indicates these are GOOD FOR YOU!!

So... thank you very much CHRIS!! I'll be going to work tomorrow with mini-eggs glued to my butt!! I hope you have nightmares about PEEPS!!


Farmer*swife said...

Giggle-Giggle-Snort a giggle! You know you 'know better' but way to go blaming a friend.

FYI, there's an award up for you at my place; all sugar free sweet and blog-wall hangable!

Happy New Week!

Baseball Mom said...

LOL - Sounds about right to me. :)

Happy Almost-Tuesday and I should have been in bed hours ago.

Chris said...

lmaoooo. So glad I'm not the only one addicted and trying to reason my way into living on a peeps diet. ;)

The Queen said...

Oh you girls and your Easter Peeps..

and yes.. this is THE QUEEN..

Not the new fake queen that has suddenly appeared on sites I go to.. and is signed in as THE QUEEN...

ha ha... I love being so wonderful that you all want to be me... ha ha

URA a fake queen..
ha ha

IB the Queen...

Angela said...

I am going to have to check out my package of snack size snickers that I ate instead of putting into the Easter baskets! Who knew?!?!

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