Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Tradition

Since the birth of my daughter, our family has been all about starting new traditions! I guess there is nothing wrong with the "old" family traditions (I'm sure we've all gotten drunk and passed out in an Easter ham before). It's just that decorating beer bottles with bunny ears and hunting for Uncle Auto's stash isn't really my idea of a kid-friendly Easter.

So yesterday the OC and I sat on the front porch and dyed the sidewalk eggs. (check her site for the pictures) This afternoon we put on our pretty Easter dress, did our hair and went outside to find the eggs Mommy hid. Now, the dexterity of a two-year old is limited, so we'll forgive the fact that only 5 eggs survived unbroken. (again, the pictures are on OC's site)

But in the "new" tradition of Easter, no one will be passed out drunk on the porch, no one will go to jail, and no hate mail will be sent afterwards (though both OC and Mommy may run around the house in our underwear for the rest of the day since there's no one to impress!)

I searched the card isle once again this year, but there is still no Hallmark card which says, "Here's hoping the Easter Bunny crawls up your ass and craps chocolate eggs until they come out your ears!" So I guess there will be no need to mail out cheerful cards to the ex-family!

However, I'd still like to send wonderful wishes to all my TRUE family and friends (in otherwards, anyone who can moderate their liquor intake enough that they can still say "Happy Easter") Here's hoping that you have a wonderful time with your family (and/or friends) and if you are unlucky enough to still have people in your life like my ex-family... break out the makeup and paint a bunny face on your brother when he passes out in front of the television with a beer in his hand!



Farmer*swife said...

Love it! I'm going to run check OC's page now for the pics! ;-) Happy Easter! We have traditions too; I love it.

My kids are having the God-given life they (and I) deserve! Be blessed, Gal!

The Queen said...

Happy Easter kid.. loved OC's pics... you two make kinda cute kids.. ya out to do it again..I'm just saying.

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