Saturday, April 18, 2009

For the Queen

Okay... since you deleted your follower widget I was worried b/c you can't get followers now.
So here's what you do...
  1. Take this Button and save to your computer.
  2. Add the followers back on
  3. Log out
  4. Go to your page (logged out)
  5. Click Follow (as if you wanted to follow yourself)
  6. Copy the link for the window that opens.
  7. Log back in.
  8. Add the button image as a picture. Link it to the "copied link".
  9. Save

That should work. If not, it was worth a shot!

Loves and g'nite!


The Queen said...

Thanks hon.. I'll give it a try later...

The Queen said...

It worked.. it's awesome.. You're awesome... and thank you..

Farmer*swife said...

Why did she delete the follower widget thingie? I saw this pic at her place; now I gotta' go back and check it all out!

Happy Saturday!

dani c said...

Stopping by to say hi !!

The Queen said...

Farmer's Wife, because there is something on my site that makes follower not work.. and it peeved me off.. so I deleted it.. if they can't get along with each other..some widget has to go..and that's the one that stopped I zapped it..

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