Friday, July 25, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time . . .
. . . in a blog far away, I had a prospering little fan base. Unfortunately, time passes and I gave birth to an Ogre-child and life became too much to find the time to please the masses.

Along the way, I had my editors take certain characters out of the story line. Frankly, their fat and lazy and I'll never get this turned into a Lifetime movie with them in the plot.

So I have packed up my castle and moved it to this new land where Trolls and Imps may not follow. Unfortunately, I did find a troll hiding in the dungeon. But what the hell, I guess she can stay!!

So this is my new saga, my new blog life, my new haven away from the monsters in the closet! DAMNIT!! Who forgot to chain the closet door shut this time? Were you born in the stable?

I hope you enjoy my new found life as a Real Life Fairy Tale Princess.

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess

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