Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About Me

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess is a 28-year-old insomniac, working mother who is happily spoken for by Prince Charming.

She adores her Ogre-Child, despite anything she might whisper while the child drifts off into Dreamland.

She has a Wicked Mother-In-Law, a Fairy God-Mother, and she lives in a castle full of crazy Pixies!

Her castle is surronded by a moat where the Loch-Ness Monster lives and is also guarded by a ferocious fire breathing Dragon that eats trespassers trying to steal her Golden Goose.

She enjoys the company of her online forum and blog friends.

When she's not working or online, The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess spends her time wrestling laundry gnomes, tackling kitchen imps, corraling escaped todder toys and rescuing various items from the death clutch of the Ogre-Child while trying to decipher the strange half-Ogre garble that spews from the childs mouth between screams.

Her secret passion is putting on pretty clothes and getting dressed up for no reason at all. She usually tires of this passion before she has a chance to leave the castle. When leaving her castle, she often parades as a mere peasant to prevent the camera flashes and adoring mobs that so often hoard around Fairy Tale Princesses.

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess

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CelticBuffy said...

OMG! You can delete this if you want to but I just realized that you are Eliesmommie who wrote the Hate Letter that I loved!!! Yes I'm just really that blond that it took me this long to figure that out! Too cool. :)

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