Friday, July 25, 2008

Fairy Tale Rule #1

A Real Life Fairy Tale Mom will sacrafice sleep for 1 hour of time to herself.

That's right, while I fantasize of some magic spell that will allow me to sleep for a hundred years, alas, there are no wicked fairies in the life of a real fairy tale princess (unless you count the mother-in-law, but I doubt she has the ambition to brew up a quality spell).

So of my own free will, here I sit at 2:30 am, while my sleeping child is sawing logs on the couch beside me.

Why am I still awake at this hour? Because the Seven Dwarves are whistling a tun in my head and in reality, I AM Cinderella and I've recently vowed that I will NOT go to sleep until the house is cleaned every night. Why? Because it's wonderful waking up to an already clean house. Unfortunatey, I have not found the right potion in my cupboard of caffiene that will inspire me to do the dishes in the sink.

So here I am, glued to this screen, relishing every moment of quiet solitude that my pores can suck in. Unfortunately, I think that weeds and vines are starting to crawl up the legs of my chair and if I don't get off my butt soon, I may be trapped here forever.

While there are those who would love to see me online every minute for the rest of my life, I'm afraid that being bound to this chair for eternity will only inspire mindless ramblings of nothingness. Not to mention and incredible stench from this portion of the house.

While I have relished these priceless moments, I do think it's time to give up this fantasy. Otherwise, the ogre-child will wake at the ass-crack of dawn and I will find myself trying to pry toothpicks into my blood-shot eyes so I can keep them open far enough to stop her from eating the toilet brush!

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A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess

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