Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day (January 31st)

For those of you who don't know, I'm a pretty decent artist. So in honor of today, I'm going to share a couple of my better works with you.

First, my replication of Timothy Sorsdahl's Harmony VII. He's one of my favorite abstract artists. This isn't my best work because it's done with low-quality markers on poster board. If I were to do it again, I'd want to try oil pastels because it lost a lot of the vibrant colors, but I love it anyway. Prince Charming built me a frame for it and it hangs in my hallway.

Replica of Tuscan Red

The second is a portrait of my father from an old family photo done in pencil. The Queen has the original hanging in her house... she didn't ask... she just stole it!

Pencil drawing of my dad

My current work in progress is recreating a Leonid Afremov park scene "The Loneliness of Autumn" in marker and oil pastel, but it's proving to be more of a challenge than I expected.

Feel free to share your inspiring art, or art that inspires you!

P.S. Ignor the "Read More" . . . there is no more . . . it's a glitch I can't get rid of . . . damn gremlins!


Farmer*swife said...

The Gremlins snuck into your blog? Criminy!

Well, my link to your Mom's place won't work again. Stupid Gremlins. What are they keeping me from?

I'm off to try and pry open a window to her place though I'm not sure I can remember the address.


My Outside Voice said...

yea Gremlins are running rampid today.. I can't open a lot of blogs.. WTF?

CelticBuffy said...

Beautiful! I'm not inspired by any one artist, per se. Rather I love to look at any painting/photo that depicts a water scene, especially those that feel like they've been set in Italy or Greece. I find them calming and refreshing.

tt said...

Gurrrrl...youz seriously talented!! Beautifully done! Bravo!!!

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