Sunday, January 25, 2009

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Day (January 25th)

Leave it to those drunken old cow pokes to decide January is a good time to cattle around a chuck wagon. I don't even want to get out from under my covers and those old farts are gathering around telling stories and playing guitars.

Despite the clear lack of sanity they possess, here's my tribute in the name of the old west.


When the winter snows come

The work has begun

Hay bales to feed

Newborn calves to plead

Breaking of ice

Fences to splice

Coyotes to shoot

Cold snow in my boot

Bills that need paid

Too tired to get laid

What I wouldn't give

If in winter I lived

Somewhere warm by the sea

Just my old dog and me

1 comment:

My Outside Voice said...

Awesome as always kiddo.. and to her followers..

I am so sorry,, I showed her a sight that I stumbled across from one of your blogs... she now won't even take phone calls.. let a lone blog...

She is total design mode.. We may not see her for weeks.. We really should at least form a committee to take turns running over and changing the baby's diaper...


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