Sunday, January 18, 2009

A huge thank you to Kelly Dawn for explaining how to do the signatures. I was originally using the kiss on all my posts when I started this blog, but I got tired of copying the code to each post. This is much easier!!

Thanks again!!

P.S. I grabbed my original kiss from and added it to my signature using Kelly's instructions.


tt said...

That's so cool!! is it hard?? it hard for challenged me? the signature thing and lips are hawt!!
'bout time you posted! :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. site was a shocker.. I was like..what the hell is the matter with my computer..where did all the pink go...and ummmm

maybe a boy someday..then change it to blue..are you keeping a secret from your old momma?

My Outside Voice said...

Thanks.. got it.. went back and added it to all the prev posts.. gotcha...

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