Saturday, September 20, 2008

How We Cope

When life is ravaged by death, it's interesting to see how we cope with the loss.

Some of us write, others pray, others rally around friends and family. As for myself, I'm not big on the grieving process.

I strive to find the happiness within tragedy. Sometimes that happiness is harder to find than others. I try to console myself with the thought that there are far greater fates in this life than dying.

Our family has recently experienced a very tragic, but no unexpected death. My mother's youngest cousin lost her battle with melanoma at the young age of 31. I will not say I did not weap or grieve. But I will say, I easily found peace with this loss.

Despite that peace, I wanted her long courageous fight to be remembered and acknowledged.

Therefore, I have done the one thing I know how to do well. I have created a place for her memory to live on. I do not have delusions that thousands of visitors will flock to the page to give their condolances. Honestly, I do not care. What I care about is the fact that her face is there. Her name is etched upon the page. Her fight is remembered. And maybe by chance, someone will stumble upon her site and it will give them the information they need to save a life!

Please remember that everyone is at risk for melanoma. Always use sunscreen. Tanning beds are NOT safe! Protect yourself, your children, and your families. Most forms of skin cancer are 95% curable if detected early.

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CelticBuffy said...

We all grieve and cope in different ways. None are wrong, in my humble opinion. That's part of the preciousness of all humans being different while still being the same.

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