Thursday, March 5, 2009


Celtic Buffy - Please email me at so we can set your layout up.

This is actually a first draft for Cassey. As usual, I'm not completely sold on it. The road in the background is bugging me because I can't get it to look the way it does in my head. Anyway, I'm putting it out there for Cassey to look at and I'm totally open to ideas on it. Color changes are easy and if there's any ideas about the background I'm totally open to something better. I've tried a couple of ideas for the road and they either come out too cluttered or just stupid. I really like the girl, but if Cassey doesn't I'll try something else and save the girl for another layout.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have ideas to make it better.


The Queen said...

I like it.. even if it does have red in it.. but I love your new layout.. and it reminds me I have a birthday coming up in the family...right? day after, right?

Chris said...

I like it too. You are quite talented sweetie. You soooo rocked my blog. (((u)))

Cassey said...

Oh Princess! I love it!!! The only things that I would like to change if it is possible would be the words in red that are on a grey background, I would like them to be outlined in black, if that is possible. And I would like the square that has the link for my button (that's what Kelly told me it was, lol!), I would like that to be a little smaller so that it doesn't block so much of the girl (whom I LOVE, by the way!)! Other than that, it is WONDERFUL! You took the idea that I had, and you just brought it to life! It has the EXACT feeling I was going for!!!! You are AMAZING!

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